A Change of Pace


I recently decided I might need a change of pace in my life. With everything I have going on each week, exercise sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of my day planner. I tend to make excuses for why I fail to get active. But after I recently read an article, my perspective has completely changed.

Brian Balmes is a six-time cancer survivor and as of November 2012, Balmes is also an Ironman athlete. His story is purely inspirational, as he survived liposarcoma not once, but six times. His fourteen-and-a-half-year battle with cancer motivated him as he prepared for one year to complete in an Ironman triathlon—an event that consists of a grueling 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a 26.2-mile run. But the full Ironman was not Balmes’ first triumph. He has also run twelve marathons and seven half Ironman triathlons, along with many other 5Ks, 10Ks, and shorter triathlons.

What’s next? Balmes is currently training for a 50-mile run. Even six battles with cancer have not stopped this dedicated athlete. After reading his story, I feel a new sense of motivation to change my own pace. While I don’t anticipate that I’ll complete an Ironman anytime soon, I do feel confident that I can learn from Balmes’ inspiring story. With a little help from the Green Refrigerator Machine, I’ll be able to eat healthier and save time—allowing me to get more active and to learn from people like Balmes.

In a recent blog post, Balmes reminded us that “we all have a list of the top ten epic, emotional, moving, and inspiring events in our lives. They can range from the day you got married, had your children, or even stood up to the high school bully! For me, being a six-time liposarcoma survivor, I added to my list on Saturday, November 3, 2012, when twenty-six of my friends and I raced and completed the Florida Ironman.”

For more information, visit http://blog.livestrong.org/2012/11/23/brian-balmes-ironman-and-so-much-more/.


The Decadence of the Hollywood Hat by Kim Power Stilson!


I love hats! Not only because I happen to be one of those hat people that look good in them but also because they symbolize a time when the not so subtle sunscreen alerts were not needed. Hair and skin were protected from the sun by the allure and decadence of hats! Hollywood captured the era of hats for men and women best. Here are some of my favorite head toppers!

2 holly wood hat

3 hollywood hat

hollywood hat kim power stilson

nice hat by kim power stilson

5 hollywood hat

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I like Steve Shenk’s new book It’s Not Your Fault! Just saying . . .


Ready to live a charmed life? Looking for a great book that gives you a fresh direction and courage to reach your goals? I like this new book by successful entrepreneur Steve Shenk that is flying off the shelves with gusto! 🙂

I read the advance reader copy in May and hope to have him on my talk radio show soon! I tell you it is worth the read as it may lead you to a more charmed life!

Here is a little about the book:

It’s Not Your Fault by Steve Shenk is a compilation of wisdom gained from his years of experience with people and relationships which shares the secrets of prosperity, success, and the great life.

It’s Not Your Fault illustrates a series of interactions between Michael, who is a personification of everyman, and The Guardian, who represents the Wisdom of the Ages. The Guardian guides Michael through the secrets to finding wealth, abundance, prosperity, and independence.

It’s Not Your Fault and its companion piece My Book of Life allows you to journal daily goals and gratitude’s. This book is available at www.steveshenk.com
Its Not Your Fault book by Steve Shenk

Couple’s Dangerous Hobby of Demolition Derby Racing Featured in New National Reality TV Show Sunday


ImageHeber Utah residents, Katy Sweat and Ryan Sweat of the Sweat Demo Derby Drivers team, celebrate national premiere of new reality TV show which features the Sweat Demolition Derby Drivers this Sunday at 8 pm.  Premiere Party to be held in Orem, Utah.

 (Heber, UT.)— Today, Sonny Olsen, brother of Utah Mom and fearless demolition derby driver Katy Sweat, is pleased to announce a celebration in honor of his family members, Ryan and Katy Olsen Sweat, demolition derby racers with Sweat Demo Derby Drivers team, and their premier on the new KINGS OF CRASH Reality TV show Sunday from 8 pm-9 pm on Mountain Time on Direct TV 281 or Dish Network 364 or Comcast 663. 

The celebration event to watch the show will be held February 10th at 7:30 pm in Orem. Everyone who would like to watch the show on the big screen is invited to come and meet Katy and Ryan Sweat and their family.   The Sweat Demo Derby Drivers are looking forward to the Sunday’s premiere of the new reality TV show on Direct TV 281 or Dish Network 364 or Comcast 663 which features the Sweat Demo Derby Drivers team.  Katy and Ryan Sweat have just returned from a media tour in Los Angeles where they were interviewed about their reality roles in the new KINGS OF CRASH TV show on Discovery’s Velocity Channel.

Reality TV Show Premiere Party for the Sweat Team Demolition Derby Drivers
Sunday, February 10th
7:30 pm
Hosted by Sonny Olsen and family at 5132 North, 300 West Building in Orem.

About the Sweat Demolition Derby Drivers:

The Sweat Demolition Derby Drivers team includes Katy Sweat, Ryan Sweat and his brother Mont Sweat, (known as the Sweat Brothers)  TJ McPhie, Jim Simko,  and Jared Lazenby.  Each summer as a team they travel with their cars to Demolition Derby events around Utah to drive for prize money.   Demolition derbies, first held in the 1950’s, have regained world popularity over the last few years among motorsport fans.  There are estimated to be at least 2,000 demolition derbies every year in the United States alone.    In demolition derbies the car is stripped of fixtures, lights and glass and numbered.  Drivers wearing at least a seat belt and a helmet race in heats that require them to hit another car every 2 minutes.  The last running car that makes contact with another driver wins.  For more information about the Sweat Demolition Derby Drivers team please visit https://www.facebook.com/katysweatdemoderby


Autumn Woofs

Autumn Woofs

Every year on my birthday I write a poem . . . just kidding . . . but this year I did. Perhaps ageing has made me was more poetic . . . or more sentimental? Who knows but if you like autumn mornings and dogs . . . here you go!

power mom blog bluebirdsisterhood fall morning

On the first crisp autumn morning my window stands open still from summer habit.
Chill air carries the fall noises of the neighborhood through the garden to my bedroom.
The new dog, with fluffy fur, is not used to the sounds and “woof woofs “from his cushion on the floor near the window.
The old dog, with short fur, knows the sounds and “oof oofs” in unison from her spot at my feet.
The new dog, with fluffy fur, “woof woofs” and races out to the garden to guard against the noises.
The old dog, with short fur, “of ofs” and stays to guard my feet against the season’s chill.
The new dog, with fluffy fur, “woof woofs” against the fence as the school bus and the rubbish truck perform their duties in the crisp morning.
The old dog, with short fur, “f fs”, as she nestles deeper, further warming the spot at the foot of my bed.
I hear the new dog’s warning “woofs” and contemplate joining the morning’s duties.
I head the old dogs snoring “sssss” and wish to put the day off for a few more minutes.
I contemplate whether it is wisdom or loyalty, age or fur length that motivates each dog in their duties?
The answer comes as the sun warms the air of the first crisp autumn morning, and the old dog, with short hair, silently joins me as I grab a jacket to go out to hush the new dog, with the fluffy fur , as he “woof woofs” in the garden.

kim power stilson blog post

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GO Cruise great success!


babs rossberg, go cruise, go foods

“It is exciting to reward so many families who are giving so much to help others. GOFoods teaches American families to serve, save and share food to help themselves and others,” said Brad Stewart, President of GOFoods Global. “Every 10 meals shared result in 1 meal being giving to local food banks. Whether you have a family to feed or a great cause to champion you can help people eat and raise funds with our healthy, nutritious GoFoods Global food meals.”

GOFoods Global guests will enjoy a 5-day Carnival cruise which goes from one sunny tropical isle to another in the glittering turquoise seas of the Western Caribbean. Families who have worked hard to share the message of easy-to-fix, healthy, meals will enjoy 5 days of swimming, snorkeling, and strolling pearly white-sand beaches and romantic nights beneath the twinkle of clear, starry skies at locations including Key West, FL, Grand Cayman Islands, and Ochos Rios, Jamaica.

Families have found that GoFoods meals can help save them time and money, especially in today’s difficult economy. Because food is a product that everyone needs, GOFoods uniquely offers clean, healthy, easy-to-make gourmet meals that come in portable pouches helpful to a variety of lifestyles—busy college students needing a faster nutritious meal, mothers looking for a quick dinner option that doesn’t involve fast food, families wanting to purchase long-term storable reserves for the future. GOFoods allows everyone to take control of their future and feed their freedom, physically and financially.

About GOFoods Global:
GOFoods’ mission is to feed and prosper the world by serving, saving and sharing relevant, easy-to-prepare meals and beverages for on-the-go-lifestyles that encourage people to eat nutritiously and spend time together, while enjoying natural mouth-watering meals that taste as good today as they will in 25 years. Founded by nationally known and 30-year-food-reserve veterans Steve Shenk and Barbara Rossberg the Utah company provides natural, cleaner ingredients that change the way people look at extended shelf-life and daily use food in the twenty-first century. Learn more at http://www.gofoodsglobal.com.

The qualification period for this year’s cruise ended on June 30, 2012. If you didn’t qualify to join us this year, don’t worry – GO Cruise II is already in the works for next year and we will let you know the details soon.

talk show, choose surthrival

Choose Surthrival Talk Show Hosts with guest, veteran Mike Moore.

Krista Anderson, home-based business expert, mother to 8 kids and host of the “Choose Surthrival Talk TV and Radio Show”

Babs Rossberg, entrepreneur, grandmother and host of the “Choose Surthrival Talk TV & Radio Show”

Kim Power Stilson, author of the book, mother to 3 kids and host of the “Choose Surthrival Talk TV & Radio Show”

its not your fault, talk show host

Steve Shenk , author, food expert and feature talk show host on the “Choose Surthrival Talk TV & Radio Show”

BBQ on TalkWorthy Radio with Toni Jorgenson of Rib City Grill on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio


Here is the BBQ recipe from Rib City we promised on last week’s TalkWorthy radio show!

Suggested by Toni Jorgenson on the TalkWorthy Radio Show! Find her on Facebook/ribcityutah or
Twitter @ribcityutah!

• 1 cup Ketchup
• 1 teaspoon Yellow mustard
• 1/2 cup Brown sugar
• 1 tablespoon Honey
• 1 can Coke
• Then you can add other ingredients depending on what you like. Try:
• Raspberries
• Liquid Smoke
• Tabasco
• Chili Powder
• Chili Peppers
To grill ribs, you can start with Baby Back Ribs or St. Louis Style Ribs.
Use your favorite wood type. At Rib City, we use oak. You can use a rub to infuse the flavor into the ribs. Then smoke them for 4 hours at 225 degrees. After that, wrap them in tin foil with a small amount of water and lather them with sauce. Wrap them in foil and grill them on a medium grill (225 degrees) for another 2 hours. The sauce and water create a steam effect.
For “Fall Off The Bone” ribs, you can let them cool down for ½ hour, then grill them with more sauce to warm them up.
If you only have a BBQ Grill not a Smoker, get your favorite wood chips in a foil pan add some water to it making the wood chips wet. Then put the wood chips on the direct heat and cook your Baby Backs on the indirect heat with your favorite rub for 2 hours then repeat step 2 for another 2 hours or until Tender meat should fall off the bone from the steam effect.
If you want to skip the smoking, you can marinate the ribs for at least 2 hours in your refrigerator. (Rib City recommends marinating them overnight.)

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