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Bluebirds get more Snow?!?!?!?


Unbelievable.  I put my winter clothes away for the third time and “ta do” like magic it snows.  I woke up to see my fresh green leave and budding lilacs drooping over with almost an inch of heavy white icey frosting.  SNOW!  I checked my calendar?  It’s May!  To get my kids off to school I had to dig through the storage boxes for the usual boots and gloves.  Nice!  Will I ever get to enjoy the Iris or the Lilacs I usually see in April – will they skip blooming all together and shrivel in summer’s heat? Okay, I know I am complaining but really! Snow?!?!?!?

Thank goodness the World Wide Web doesn’t close down due to snow!  Of course, a well-placed bolt in a summer thunder storm could render access impossible, still!  So, finishing up the final 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing before I film on Wednesday!  So, exciting!  Monday is off to a cold but good start!

How much snow can one bluebird take?


Don’t we all deserve on day to do nothing?  This Sunday was perfect for that!  Yesterday we relaxed after working all weekend on the launch of our new Internet Communications Company, Planetary Streams.  How much snow do you think we have now?  Total left almost 6 feet and that is not accumulative or we would be over 10 feet I am sure!  See these photos!  You would think we would be tired of watching TV & Radio by Sunday but the snain, what I call snow and rain, joined with the winds and was pummeling our home, so we watched the Oscars.  It was cold, dark, nasty and none of us wanted to leave the house.  Even the dogs joined us with the puppy Irish Wolfhound intently watching all of the commercials.  He coudn’t be bothered with the speeches!  Anyway, we curled up in blankets, watched the Oscars being handed out and listened to all of the thank yous.  We critiqued the red carpet dresses.  We loved the winner of the song Once they were from Ireland so of course!  My favorite Academy Award Dress was Helen Mirrens and Nicole Kidman’s necklace. We love John Travolta dancing in and we wondered what was wrong with Owen Wilson.  All and all a fairly entertaining evening though really we are partial to Home Makeover which has enough human compassion and love in it that you don’t feel quite so bad about the world when you are done watching it!


Well today marks the day before the big launch of the Planetary Vision powered by Planetary Streams at www.planetarystreams.com.  It’s an internet communications company specializing in Talk TV & Radio for website and we have a lot of FREE offerings any website owner will love!  We are also launching the Bluebird Sisterhood — by the way, I think Helen Mirren would be an excellent member of the Bluebird Sisterhood, she could even by president, she is so gorgeous — and celebrating the Grapevine Talk Radio Networks 3rd Birthday this week along with Festivus!  www.grapevineradio.com, www.healthywealthywow.com  Join us!