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Bluebird Scubas & camps! World shocked!


Last night I started the next part of my scuba instruction  (the scuba gift my husband gave me last year for Christmas will expire so am finally taking it — how thoughtful of him to give me scuba lessons — something that involves wearting a bathring suit, getting me hair wet and running my mascara — I was dubious at best and frankly really scared to breath through an apparatus underwater.  Wow!  I did it though, deep end of the pool and all.  Only 4 more experiences left and one involves a crater.  The things I do to stay close to my husband!!!  I am off to camp for my birthday — scuba and camping in one weekend !  Who knew life could be this rigourous.  i am truly the hammock and book sort!  I need a break from promoting my 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing and doing press releases for my clients.   Love love love Kim Power Stilson


Bluebirdsister takes 24 hours to Ireland!


Here is the great press release!  Can you imagine me, a work at home marketing specialist and mom doing all this in nine months?


Irish Family Girl Launches New Book in Ancestorial Town of Dunmore East Ireland

Kim Power Stilson Launches “24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing” in Family Hometown Before Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival


August 21, 2008—Dunmore East, Ireland – Kim Power Stilson, announced today, the release of her new marketing strategy training guide and workbook, 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing from her family hometown of Dunmore East, Ireland as part of her role hosting Internet TV & Radio for the Dunmore East International Bluegrass Festival 2008.  Kim has been asked by Planetary Streams to host the live bluegrass band interviews while in town to launch her new social media communications and marketing series. This guide and the series are available online and in a social media education training package on www.powerstratgies.TV. 


Kim Power Stilson, will join with her sister Catherine Power and MyExpertSolution partner, Kristen Lamb to interview each of the bands involved in the event after a kick-off to her marketing guide. They plan to do most of their interviews from the Haven Hotel near the strand.


“I am so honored to launch my guide in Ireland and to host the festival for Planetary Streams Internet TV & Radio in Dunmore East,” said Kim.  “This is where my heart is . . . what a dream to launch my favorite project in my favorite spot with my favorite people during the Bluegrass Festival! I couldn’t be happier.”


According to Kim, her strategy guide needed to be written to help entrepreneurs who would ask Kim for suggestions on how to spread the word about their product/services.  Based on a success-proven strategy, Make, Bake, Shake, Rake & Fresh, created with 17 years of marketing success, Kim would suggest first creating a strategy or plan based on goals and then applying regular efforts to achieve name awareness and sales success. 


Most small companies could not afford her or other marketing professionals consultation fees ($30,000 strategy creation fee and monthly service fee $5 -10,000 per month) but they still needed the help and she wanted to assist them because she believes that marketing or not marketing a product/service makes the difference between success and failure.  She was inspired to write this step-by-step guide and which gave the power back to the company owners with marketing knowledge at a budget-

worthy cost. 


“Once you have a plan, a strategy and you know what you need to do then you run out of excuses to not take the time to market and sell,” said Kim Power Stilson. “With each marketing effort company owners gain a little more success.  With consistent efforts like even 24 hours a month focused on marketing, they will see real results in the areas of increased name awareness and sales.”


According to Kim Power Stilson, this is a great strategy guide for business owners and employees who want to impress their boss by helping their company increase their chances for sales.  “You may have a great product but if consumers don’t know about it they can’t buy it,” said Power Stilson. “Online and traditional Marketing is an essential component to business success. Entrepreneurs and small business sometimes overlook marketing because they don’t have the resources to hire someone and most don’t have the time to do it themselves.  Now they can be doing effective marketing in just 24 Hours for a fraction of the cost.”


To make marketing affordable, Power Strategies offers a “Monthly Marketing Service – 24 Hours” style to help companies keep marketing once they have a strategy.  The service includes Live chat, Social Media, Internet, PR 2.0 and Web 3.0 & Marketing instruction, tips, templates & advice from Social Media & Marketing Strategist Kim Power Stilson. (Prices range from $240 per month to a discounted cost for women, small-business owners and single parents of $24 per month.)


24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing Strategy Guide & Workbook is offered in an online PDF  version, as well as, a robust video, audio, Internet, Web, Social Media & Marketing certified education course.   (Prices range from $240 – $2400 with certification.) For Free Media trial contact:  Jack Brian or Anne Roberts Jack@powerstrategies.TV  or anne@powerstrategies.com or  801-473-9174 . 





About Kim Power Stilson:  

Kim Power Stilson has helped over 50,000 small and women-owned businesses promote their products and services online. As an award-winning pioneer of Internet Talk Radio and a social media and Internet marketing strategist, Kim created Make, Bake, Shake, Rake & Fresh© a duplicatable marketing strategy that now has delivered time-cutting and award-winning campaigns to national and international audiences for at 60% savings over costs, with an 140% increase in name awareness and delivering ordered sales of over $150 million.

Kim Power Stilson is the author of 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing” Strategy Guide and Workbook and “Get Online and  . . . Blog, Ping, Pod, Stream, Bookmark, Blast, Release, Wiki, Widget, Web, Link, Avatar, Tag & Twitter! What is it and how do I do it?” An Education Guide to the Internet, the World Wide Web and Online Social Media Communications! And this fall, “Women Buy Everything”. Kim is the co-author of the new guide, Putting a face and voice on your Website = Dollars! A profitable guide to Internet Radio & TV Advertising” and instigator of The 24 Challenge, a $1 per strategic marketing tip monthly service with 200% success guarantee available at http://www.powerstratgies.TV.

The host for seven years of the Healthy Wealthy Wow (terrestrial and Internet syndicated) on the Grapevine Talk Radio Network, Kim is the new Internet talk radio, host of “Fresh Success radio!” on Planetary Streams (Log on and listen at www.planetarystreams.com) and “Power Strategies . . . Market your business to better bottom line!” talk radio show on the resource aggregator , MyExpertSolution.com. 

Kim is the founder of the Bluebird Sisterhood and sits on the board of The Foundation House.  January 2008 she decided to give up the executive 80 hour work week at the office in favor of working from home to be near her kids.  She says that believe it or not, there is a lot of money to be made while having a balanced life. 

Kim loves to watercolor, play tennis, snow ski, write, and be near the sea. Kim divides her time between California, Utah & Ireland.  She really does have 4 dogs, 3 kids, 2 birds and a cat.  Her husband is a very patient man, a former cop, founder of Planetary Streams, Inc. and a pilot who flys of the house every chance he gets!  For more information please visit, www.powerstrategies.TV or contact Jack Brian at jack@powerstrategies.TV.

About Power Strategies, Inc:

Power Strategies is a Social Media, PR, Web & Internet Marketing Strategies Company providing Education, Marketing Consultation and Public Relations Services to women and family owned businesses and corporations in the United States and Ireland. Please visit at www.PowerStrategies.TV and feel free to contact Kim Power Stilson at kim@powerstrategies.TV.

Bluebird ponders path to failure!


What makes the difference between a successful business and one that you pour years, your money, your soul and your family’s soul into only to become another business failure statistic in 2-5 years?  Why do some people work like we do, out of the garage, basement or dining room, and end up a “million billionaires”, while you end up losing your house?

Why? My company had its shining moments, we had a good product/service and, in fact, the first four or so years showed we were headed for success.  So, what happened?  As much as I hate to ask why and less like to face the answers, I discovered the answer, the secret, the key to success while face down in the mud.

It was the day after we had to close the business and my world was dark.  Winter was turning slowly to spring and by that I mean the 8 foot wall of grey ice next to our driveway was finally beginning to melt. I had read every “power of positive thinking” book out there and some twice while trying to convince myself that there was a silver lining. I kept asking myself why I had failed.  All comparisons to Edison’s 6,000+ light bulb tries failed to cheer me up.  I was supposed to be successful.  I had watched others succeed and had confidentially joked with them that I would invite them to my castle in Ireland someday. Now, my hopes for someday seemed to be “never-ever day.”  What had I missed?  The answer would not come and the pain of failure was sharp making it difficult to even breathe.

I did what a lot of people do when they need to think.  I decided to go for a walk.  After all, I had no business to claim my time and nothing else to do.  I walked along seeing the beauty of the mountains forcing myself to be grateful.  Look at the positive side; I said to myself, finally after years of working 70 hours a week now at least I had time to take a walk. 

Suddenly, as if the world dropped off in front of my feet I fell, face down into a pool of post-thaw snow mud.  I just lied there in the mud and wondered why I should get up. When I was finished feeling sorry for myself and grieving my lost business I suddenly knew why I had failed.  It hit me right there in the mud exactly what the one strategy of success we had neglected which had caused the lack of success, the failure.  It was embarrassing.  We had a good product/service but it all had come down not doing this one thing.  I had gotten so busy that I had forgotten, put off, not placed the importance into “marketing” my product/service.   How many years had I wasted in doing the efforts of business only to find at the end that my product/service was worthless when not sold into the hands of consumers?  If consumers did not know about my product then I wasn’t selling and if my product wasn’t selling than I did not have a business.  Like me, I thought, as I started extricating myself from the tear and snow laden mud, with no business.  Excerpt for 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing Strategy Guide and Workbook by Kim Power Stilson more on this at www.powerstrategies.TV