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Halloween Sunrise


This morning during efforts to get the kids on the school bus in the dark, our Irish Wolfhounds escaped out the front and into the oak covered mountain side.  I stood there bathrobe and tennis shoes on in the dark, hearing the thrashing of the hounds, more than a little scared being out in the middle of the “cougar spotting” territory.  I had just had my hair done by the cute Suzy my new “make my life better with cute hair ” friend so despite bathrobe I felt like I could say hello to neighbors if they happened to see me through the dark.  I stood their thinking of cougars, those crazy dogs and all I needed to get back in and do today when suddenly over the east mountains I saw a glimmer of orange pink, then a hue of light and then the begiining of the sunrise peeking over.  I stood in awe watching til my husband came out and asked what I was doing, I answered looking for the dogs, and suddenly the appeared thrasing through the oaks in the front and ran in to the house, I looked back to the sunrise and the moment was gone.  Happy Halloween I said to myself, thank you God for the sunrise!  And then back to my crazy busy working mom spooky crazy day!

Me and Irishwolfhounds in the hammock!


After last night webinar and all the stress to prepare for it (do me a favor please and watch “You’re invited to the Social Media Party”  http://www.livehuddle.com/event/index.php?event_id=5722caafb4825ef5d8670710fa29087c  and the day after catch up that comes with laser focusing on presentations to masses, which included return sales calls for our “do it yourself marketing to small businesses who need help selling” I finally was ready for a nap.  A nap!  I work at home WAHM that’s me and in the sunroom which looks out over our very pretty (needs to be weeded) garden.  My Irish wolfhounds were outside napping under the cloud covered sky legs and feet in the air, napping as dogs will do without pretense of modesty.  I thought about getting in the hammock behind them but every time I do they try to crawl in with me.  Irish wolfhounds are huge!  and they would not fit comfortably in my hammock perhaps certain concussion for me if they tried to leap in.  Sam and Daisy looked so comfortable and then the rain gently gently started falling  . . . stil the slept unconcerned . . . til the thunder.  Then I was glad that I hadn’t gotten into the hammock — wet hammock naps are not really restful.  I think instead I will have a hot bubble bath.  The dogs have not tried to hop in their yet . . .