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How I feel In Love…


Kim is not feeling well today so in true Bluebird Sisterhood I am writing a post for her blog 🙂

How I Feel in Love…

I have to say that I have never really been impressed by dogs. Growing up, the oldest of 10, we have a fair share of animals running in and out of the house. Most of them came to their doom when my dad (Seeing that all 10 of his children were not responsible and/or selfish) would find some place for them to go (we still wonder if he really took the baby hamsters to the Chinese Restaurant down the street). So with this mentality I never bonded with dogs and thought they were just big mess makers (Especially when you tried to step in a backyard of a dog owners house. I remember last year when our neighbors got a dog and my 4 year old stepped in the dog poop, walked into our house, and then stepped on my expensive oriental area rug smearing the mess everywhere). So dogs just put a bad taste in my mouth…

That is until I met Sam, he is an Irish wolfhound and I have to confess, I think I have fallen in love. He is a giant dog, just huge, and I met him last week. He just came right up to me and bowed at my feet… then he started to lick my toes. He is SO tall that my Emma, who is 2, can walk right under him. He has such a good personality and I can see now how people can fall in love with their animals. I don’t own him, just think about him and his long tongue and stingy hair. There are also these adorable Irish Wolfhound babies, that I think I am going to have to have. There is a runt with a way-ward eye, oh my, all my will was holding me back from scooping up that puppy and taking it home right away. I am such a sucker for adorable animals! We did eventually have to leave my new found loves, so I went home and looked everything I could up on the internet. I have already mapped areas out in my backyard to see if we could get one… and the odds are for us!

Now my entire aspect of dogs has changed. I think I have always secretly been a dog person waiting for the right dog to show me what I have been missing. So to all those anti-dog bloggers beware, if you every meet Sam or his nephews you are in trouble of falling in love.

bluebird Sister has 8 Irish puppies


With a little help from Daisy, my Irish Wolfhound, we whelped 8 puppies this weekend. 4 males and 2 females.  All well and all photos to be on www.planetarystreams.com, look for snack TV on Planetary Streams this week!  I am exhausted, send flowers, Kim Power Stilson

Bluebird in the Mud!


I had a choice, build a company or die. 

I was laid off during what has come to be known as the dot com era.  My husband was a police officer and basically only worked to keep us well insured.  My income was primary.  I was lucky to have 15 years experience and a skill which was convertible into a business.  Some of you reading this had to get more creative to come up with a product or service to sell.  My livelihood was inborn and in demand and now I had to turn it into an independent livelihood.  What did I do? What did we all do?  We started a business.

What makes the difference between a successful business and one that you pour years, money, your soul and your family’s soul into only to have to give up in 2-7 years?  Why do some people work like you do, out of your garage, basement or dining room, and end up million billionaires, while you end up losing your house?

Why?  As much as I hate to ask why and less like to face the answers, I discovered the secret, the key, the answer while face down in the mud after losing a business I had worked heart and soul for 6 almost 7 years. 

My company had its shining moments, we had a good product/service and in fact the first three years were successful, so what happened?  Why? I won’t bore you with the story of those 6-7 years but the answer to those questions lies in not doing the answer I finally gleaned while face down in the mud.

Bluebirds do get sad!


The idea behind the Bluebird Sisterhood is that we wall stick together, we watch each others back.  I think the need to have a sisterhood and the theme of sticking together comes from necessity.  Sadly we need this banner, this title, because it is deviant from the norm.  I think I thought of the Bluebird sisterhood because I wanted to protect my injured heart.  Women are funny, we fight to protect or families and our men but we don’t usually fight to protect one another.  Perhaps we figure we are strong enough on our own and don’t need each other.  Perhaps even that premise is true, we are strong enough, but that strength does not prevent us from feeling pain. 
As I struggle through life there are both experiences that bring me joy and that bring me pain.  When it seems like the hour is darkest and that many conspire against our success and our surival even it seemed like a good idea to have committment from some who would stand beside you, give you a hand, watch your back.  Funny, I would be willing to do this for someone who asked me always.  If I had to pick who I would want to help I may be choosy, but to be asked by anyone would mean an immediate affirmative response.  Who could disagree?  Wouldn’t you if asked help!  Why is it then that people we have fondness for, care about, sometimes choose to turn their backs when help is needed.  Help that can be given.  In some cases people just need understanding, time, patience, even money or physical assistance.  Won’t we all at one time or another need help, need someone to help us?  The Bluebird Sisterhood was that insurance, that committment among those who chose to honor.  I say, I will have your back when you need it, you can count on me to stand beside you!”  You say the same in return.  Truly is that too much to ask?  We will see at the end of the journey who is equal to the task, sadly we have lost one of our favorite sisters, she could not stand the test of even this small period of time.  She let her ego and anger get to her, sad to watch, sorry to see and it injured my heart.

However, my heart is not broken, nor do I do more and pause with sadness of her choices.  Like all women I am a fighter and I will protect what is mine . . . and the bluebird sisters are me and and I am them . . . we have each others backs! 

We will speak no more of this but if you do want to get involved and make this committment please join us at www.planetarystreams.com.