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Timely Updates on 2010 Tax Changes & Winter Skin Care Tips on the “What Gets Under Your Skin?” Talk Radio Show This Week


Timely Updates on 2010 Tax Changes & Winter Skin Care Tips on the “What Gets Under Your Skin?” Talk Radio Show This Week


Christine Heathman Interviews Mark D. Whittaker of Hawkins, Cloward & Simister

Salt Lake City, UT – December 8, 2010 – Christine Heathman, LMT, ME, Industry Innovator, Educator, and CEO and Founder of GlyMed Plus®, today announced Mark D. Whittaker, CPA, QPFC, of Hawkins Cloward & Simister will join her to discuss 2010 tax changes  on the “What Gets Under Your Skin?” talk radio show this week.  The show which covers topics from skin care to consumer issues, broadcasts Live at Noon Mountain Time on Utah radio station KSTAR 1400 AM and replays daily at Noon on select Internet syndication sites available at www.christineheathman.com.

According to Christine Heathman, Mark D. Whittaker, CPA, QPFC, is a credentialed personal and business financial planning professional who proactively helps businesses and individuals navigate the murky waters of tax planning, preparation and negotiation.

“Don’t let 2010 tax worries or winter weather get under your skin this holiday season,” said Christine Heathman, founder of GlyMed Plus and weekly host of “What Gets Under Your Skin?” on KSTAR 1400 AM. “Listen to my interview with Mark Whittaker to learn straight-forward tax strategies that will help you survive the tax season.  Mark is uniquely suited for a discussion on 2010 tax updates because he draws from his vast experience in accounting, securities, insurance, retirement planning and investments.  You also won’t want to miss my professional skin care advice on keeping your skin healthy and beautiful this winter season.”

Christine Heathman will share winter skin care solutions and the latest professional offerings at local spas this holiday season.  Listeners are invited to visit Christine’s website, www.glymedplus.com to find a spa that offers exclusive GlyMed Plus holiday facial treatments.

Christine Heathman’s mission is to share the true science behind what ages your skin and provide solutions to listeners by putting them in control of their own skin age management with the help of skin care professionals.  Christine’s talk radio show, “What Gets Under Your Skin?” broadcasts Live at Noon Mountain Time on Utah radio station KSTAR 1400 AM and replays daily at Noon and 1 p.m.  on select Internet syndication sites available by clicking the radio tab at www.christineheathman.com.

About Mark D. Whittaker:
Mark D. Whittaker, CPA, QPFC, is a credentialed personal and business financial planning professional with the firm of Hawkins Cloward & Simister, Orem, Utah.  As a certified public accountant (CPA) and Qualified Pension Financial Consultant (QPFC), Mr. Whittaker proactively helps businesses and individuals with tax planning, preparation and negotiation.  To provide the best service to clients, he holds licenses in securities, insurance and investment products, as well as a Retirement Planning Specialist Certificate from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.  For more information or to schedule a personal appearance or consultation with Mr. Whittaker, please contact Allene Anderson at 801.224.1900 or contact@mycpa.com.

About Christine Heathman:
Christine Heathman is the skin age management expert who has helped shaped American Skin Care to what it is known as today.  Christine hosts “What Gets Under Your Skin?”  Syndicated talk radio show and has appeared as a guest expert on The Doctors, at the 2010 Emmy Awards Luxury Celebrity Lounge and on The Balancing Act on the Lifetime TV Channel. Christine Heathman is the innovator behind GlyMed Plus Advanced Aesthetics and its skin care products, which are used in spas & medical clinics all over the world.  To find a professional spa near you please visit www.glymedplus.com.  To find out more about Christine Heathman and her skin science message, please visit www.christineheathman.com.


Fabulous Talk Radio Host Line Up!


Fabulous  New Line Up of Talk Shows on Local KSTAR 1400 AM and Syndicate Internet Radio Network sites!

5 New Talk Radio Shows Offer Listeners Candid Solutions from age management, to business and health and wellness on Wednesday and Thursday Weekly!

New Talk Show Hosts by order of time slot include:

Diana Hoffman, Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of Salem Counseling Center in Salem, hosts “Hypnotic Health” talk radio show from 11-12 p.m.

Christine Heathman, globally renowned skin age management expert and owner of GlyMed Plus headquartered in Spanish Fork for 17 years, hosts “What Gets Under Your Skin?” talk radio show from 12-1 p.m.

Glenda Christiaens, PhD, RN and President-elect of the American Holistic Nurses Association hosts at “Glenda the Good Nurse” talk radio show from 2-3 p.m.


Laura Jacobs, renowned natural health expert and owner of local Herbs for Health store in Pleasant Grove for over 15 years, hosts “A Healer in Every Home” talk radio show from 10-11 a.m.

Kim Power Stilson, eMedia strategist and author of the “Ten Buck Solution for 21st Century Success” hosts  “Healthy! Wealthy! How?” talk radio show from 11-12 p.m.

Listeners can join the discussion locally by tuning in every Wednesday and Thursday  from 10-3 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM.  All five talk show hosts offer replays of their Talk Shows originally live on KSTAR 1400 daily for easy-access listening on the following Internet syndicate stations.

Listen Daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the following syndicate sites:
Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network — http://www.planetarystreams.com
Web Campus World Wide Talk Radio Network — http://www.WcWW.com
SHOUTCAST Radio Network — http://www.shoutcast.com

About “Hypnotic Health” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, Hypnotic Health hosted by Diana Hoffman, Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, invites listeners to explore the relationship between emotional well-being and physical healing.  Contact: hypnotichealth@gmail.com

About “What Gets Under Your Skin?” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, What Gets Under Your Skin? Join “Legend” Medical Master Aesthetician and skin age management expert, Christine Heathman, and her weekly guests as they discuss the outrageous skin care claims and sales ploys shared by today’s advertisers.  Visit http://www.christineheathman.com

About “Glenda the Good Nurse” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, Glenda Christiaens, PhD, RN invites listeners to explore integrative healing options with interesting guests who discuss current issues in healing and wellness.  Contact:  Glenda@Glendathegoodnurse.com

About “A Healer in Every Home” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM,  A Healer In Every Home Live like you never lived before and learn to health yourself with Laura Jacobs, renowned natural health expert and founder of “A Healer in Every Home” global campaign.  Contact:  ahealerineveryhome@gmail.com

About “Healthy! Wealthy! How?” Talk Radio Show:  Live every Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. on KSTAR 1400 AM, Kim Power Stilson, eMedia strategist and author of the “Ten Buck Solution for 21st Century Success” talks with guests who share their success stories.  Feature host Debbie Cluff. Contact:  Kim@wcww.com

Bluebird Camps with 8 year old son!


and lives to tell about it!  14 hours alone at our camping site with my son last week.  I promised myself I would focus on him — no cell phone, no computer, no one and nothing but him.  I decided to do everything and anything he asked of me.  At home this usually includes a ride to his friend’s house, pudding and lunch!  At camping, alone in the wilderness (with our fully outfitted trailer) it included the following hair raising and not for 40 year old women activities!

Climbing a log across a 20 foot raging creek! (okay not so raging but deep!)

hiking up and sliding down through overgrown bushes, spider and possibly snake infested “Dirt Hill”

Building a cross bow from tree branches

Making a fire and eating a hot dog (okay, turkey dog, but still!)

playing tic tac toe with branches in the dirt

watching the path of some very odd looking bugs

a dip into the creek when crossing the branch for the 5th time

mud-caked shoes, pants, crevices

At hour 14 when my husband and other kids had not yet returned to the trailer, I finally asked my son if we could do one thing Mommy wanted to do and he said yes.

So I asked if I could take a 20 minute nap, in the trailer, without the bugs, and he said okay but that he would be “bored.”

I woke up a half an hour later to find my dirt covered son sound asleep next to me, dirty clothes, shoes, cross bow and all on the trailer bed.  He slept for another hour while I watched him amazed that he was more tired than I  . . .

and then we each had a Jello pudding snack. We both survived!  Photos on www.planetarystreams.com


bluebird Sister has 8 Irish puppies


With a little help from Daisy, my Irish Wolfhound, we whelped 8 puppies this weekend. 4 males and 2 females.  All well and all photos to be on www.planetarystreams.com, look for snack TV on Planetary Streams this week!  I am exhausted, send flowers, Kim Power Stilson

Bluebirds Kids out Early


On my last day of freedom, indeed the last day before school is out for the Entire summer, my kid’s inform me they are out early.  12 noon!  Isn’t being out on a Thursday early enough?  These teachers get the entire summer off and now they steal an extra day, and then an extra half day.  Jeepers I have to work.  Ah well, my kids are kind of the crazy type so I guess they could not tak an extra few hours.  Anyway, HELP!  Also, I have been so busy because sending out this press release today.  See below if you have a day and a half without your kids off early for summer to spare.   Love love love Kim Power Stilson




Planetary Streams Partners with MyExpertSolution.com

Internet Education Companies Partner with Social Communications Company to Give Globe Access to World’s Experts from One Location on the Web


May 29, 2008—Salt Lake City, UT – Planetary Streams International Announces Partnership with founders of CareerStep.com and GrowthClimate.com to Extend new company “My Expert Solution.com” to People through Social Media Tools.  New offering will bring jobs to local area and affordable audio and visual relationship resources solutions to people across the globe.


MyExpertSolutions.com is a site which allows users to submit a question and get an expert response within 24 hours in the areas of relationships, health, finance, education and more.  Nationally recognized online education and communication experts have come together to provide MyExpertSolutions.com, including; award-winning founders of CareerStep.com Andrea and Gene Anaya; GrowthClimate founders,  nationally acknowledged author,  therapist, Dr. Kevin Skinner and author and radio host, Kristen Lamb and for social media tools, CEO of Planetary Streams, social communications strategist, Chad Stilson.


MyExpertSolution.com will allow access to the world’s experts through an online offering launching July 2008 in Utah, August 1st nationally and September 1st in Europe. 


Andrea Anaya and Gene Anaya, founders of Careerstep.com, a leading , the nation’s leading medical transcription and online training, Ernst & Young Regional finalists 2007 and the fastest growing companies in Utah, are proud to partner with Planetary Streams, a Social Media Communications Company, to give My ExpertSolution.com and its experts a face and voice on the Internet.


“I think it’s a fabulous idea to give people online tools and an opportunity for building better relationships and lives,” said Andrea Anaya. “MyExpertSolution.com is pleased to partner with Planetary Streams to offer these solutions.”


According to Kristen Lamb, newly appointed CEO My Expert Solutions, they have partnered with Planetary Streams because of their ability to quickly resonate to the online masses in the most-cost effective manner. 


“We needed to offer a connection between experts and those who need their advice and we chose Planetary Streams because of their ability to extend our message in a powerful way across the Internet,” said Lamb.  “Their social media tools will allow our experts to have a face and voice in countries across the world.”


Planetary Streams is pleased to power My Expert Solution’s social communications offerings including radio, TV and blogging.


“MyExpertSolution.com will be an invaluable resource to individuals who need answers quickly and sharing via the Internet and its myriad of communications tools is a smart delivery match.  There is so much information on the World Wide Web that having one place to visit for answers from the world’s experts will be crucial to users.”


Planetary Streams International, a Social Media Communications Company, provides internet Radio & TV communications solutions for companies and individuals around the globe.   Launched February 2008 to meet the growing demands of audio and visual delivery on the internet, PSI operates globally from the “Broadcast Barn” in Woodland Hills using proprietary technology connects to deliver marketing messages from individuals and companies. Please visit www.planetarystreams.com, or call Chad Stilson at chad@planetarystreams.com or call at 801-473-9211.


News contact:  Kim Power www.powerstrategies.TV or 801-473-9174.




MyExpertSolutions.com is your resource for answers with assembled experts ready online to help you when you need answers. Users can submit their question about anything from education, finance, health and relationships and experts in those fields will share an online answer in 24 hours.  MyExpertSolutions.com will be nationally available online at www.myexpertsolutions.com in August 2008.  For more information please contact Kristen at 801-420-5812.


Career Step is the nation’s leading provider of online medical transcription and medical coding training. Career Step enjoys a tremendous market advantage in the industry by virtue of its reputation as an innovative, competency-based training company. Career Step is committed to seeing each enrolling student graduate and successfully transition to a rewarding career. Career Step has been in business for over fifteen years and is headquartered in Springville, Utah.

Each year, for the past seven years, Career Step has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the state of Utah by the Mountain West Capital Network. Career Step was additionally the 335th fastest growing privately-held business in the country, according to Inc. Magazine. http://www.careerstep.com


GrowthClimate is a leader in online relationship education offering training to 125,000+ individuals, couples, families and businesses across the world. GrowthClimate® assists individuals who have lost connection with their instincts teaching them how to turn them back on again. A national research study done in our public schools found that “creativity in children is largely destroyed by the second grade.” More accurately said, in a world where children become fearful, their creativity is diverted toward survival rather than growth. Reconnect children and adults with their instincts, and their inborn creativity turns back on! Give them understanding of their world, and the power to not only survive it, but also to change it. Creative genius makes individuals tremendous contributors to families, businesses, and to any group or organization of which they are a part.  http://www.growthclimate.com.


Planetary Streams International, a Social Media Communications Company, provides internet Radio & TV communications solutions for companies and individuals around the globe.   Launched February 2008 to meet the growing demands of audio and visual delivery on the internet, PSI operates globally from the “Broadcast Barn” in Woodland Hills using proprietary technology connects to deliver marketing messages from individuals and companies. Please visit www.planetarystreams.com, or call Chad Stilson at chad@planetarystreams.com or contact Joanne at 801-473-9174.


Bluebird’s Dog Afraid of Leash


This weekend I decided to come out of my slump, a self-imposed slump brought on by the death of my dog Lucky, my best friend in the form of a great grey Irish Wolfhound with them most beautiful set of eyes you’ve ever seen on anyone – including Brad Pit.  Lucky died in a horrible tragic way which I still cannot write of and just three weeks later I am barely able to get out of bed without looking or calling for him.  He was that kind of dog and now I am alone.

So, since I started this post to share a funny experience I will move from my sadness over Lucky to talk about what most of us talk about after a death has robbed us, the effort of moving on! 

Lucky had a son, Sam, just 7 months and scheduled the day after Lucky’s death to go to his new home.  My husband called the folks coming to pick Sam up and said that his wife, ME, was not going to be able to let the puppy go that weekend but would call them soon.  (note my husband is hopeful to get rid of all the many dogs — we have 4! But an acre fenced yard and big hearts!)  Instead Sam, somehow he got titled that, stayed and I suspect has found his permanent home.  This is good because Daisy, Sam’s mother, has looked lost and sad since Lucky has not returned.  Daisy still looks for Lucky when I walk in the door.  It is so sad.)  Gee, again I digress.

So, since we have Sam and he was staying, i decided to pull my self out of slump and take Sam for a walk.  I had many walks with Lucky who was trained to not need a leash.  However, for Sam, being a puppy and all, I pulled out the leash.

Sam sniffed it and out we went.  I clicked the leash on Sam and he immediately hit the ground, full force full body and he is big!  I laughed thinking it was funny and called my husband.  Chad came out and helped me coax the dog who just sat their all big eyed cowering.  We tried treats, calling him warm fuzzy names and then finally strict commands and Sam never moved an inch, except to whine. 

Finally Chad, clicked off the leash, and in one electrifying moment, Sam split towards the house and into the open door behind us.  Now every time we open the door he hides and for a 120 pound huge beast that is virtually impossible but he tries anyway.

We laughed, the second laugh I have had (CK’s blog post was hilarious) and then we realized we had our work cut out for us.  Sam sees the leash and hides.  Walking him or getting him out the front door doesn’t look likely and camping trips impossible.  Help!

By the way, the “Talk the Dog” show I wassupposed to start on Planetary Streams radio is still on hold. Which is unfortunate because there are so many people who want to come on and share tips adn tricks (no pun intended) for dogs.  I think it would be amazing but with my heart still so freshly broken I can’t do it myself . . .  too soon, too hard!  If you know someone who can help me host this please comment and let me know.  Thank you!

Bluebird Sister wants Auto Wash Clothes!


They’ve invented everything else you can think of to help us keep our homes clean!  Great cleaning implements from Dyson to Swifter!  Yet in the laundry department they are still selling the same old Tide and Downey.  Sure there is bleach and no bleach and safe bleach and the Downey now has an array of scents, scents only dreamed of by exhausted laundry doers years ago, but does Lilac scent really help us?  Why can’t someone invent “auto wash” clothes.   Or better yet, kids dirty clothes tossed on the floor disintegrate after 4 or 5 days, just in time for the weekend when I have to do laundry.  I work all week in my own company kpower strategies why should I have to work harder at home?

Laundry makes my house messy.  Clothes, dirty clothes piled in baskets in the bedrooms and in the laundry room.  For Heaven’s sake my house was spotless last week after we took all our spring c leaning and regular wash to the local Splish Splash laundrymat!  Now we have a little dust – have a swifter for that – and loads of clothes.  I’m all for Green Day, I take 2 minute shorter showers, I even used melted snow to water my four dogs, come on, a little help here.  I don’t want to do laundry today!  My kids don’t want to it either – I make them though!  (Is it obvious that its not working!) Someone please come up with an idea.  Auto Wash clothes!  You spill and stain gone – automatically.  You sweat and sweat gone – automatically.  You skin your knee and hole gone – automatically.  My son plays Army man and crawls through the mud – head to toe mud gone – automatically.  Great idea, huh!  Now please someone get to work.    I think I am going to do a Planetary Vision Snack TV “how to” do laundry in two minutes or less next week.  Watch for it on Planetarystreams.com.

Bluebird in the Mud!


I had a choice, build a company or die. 

I was laid off during what has come to be known as the dot com era.  My husband was a police officer and basically only worked to keep us well insured.  My income was primary.  I was lucky to have 15 years experience and a skill which was convertible into a business.  Some of you reading this had to get more creative to come up with a product or service to sell.  My livelihood was inborn and in demand and now I had to turn it into an independent livelihood.  What did I do? What did we all do?  We started a business.

What makes the difference between a successful business and one that you pour years, money, your soul and your family’s soul into only to have to give up in 2-7 years?  Why do some people work like you do, out of your garage, basement or dining room, and end up million billionaires, while you end up losing your house?

Why?  As much as I hate to ask why and less like to face the answers, I discovered the secret, the key, the answer while face down in the mud after losing a business I had worked heart and soul for 6 almost 7 years. 

My company had its shining moments, we had a good product/service and in fact the first three years were successful, so what happened?  Why? I won’t bore you with the story of those 6-7 years but the answer to those questions lies in not doing the answer I finally gleaned while face down in the mud.

Valentine’s Day is for the Bluebirds!


I am one of those people who hears the joke about Valentine Day being called Single Awareness Day and think it is true not a joke.  I did not get married or have kids until I was 28 and so had a few of those fun Single Awareness Days myself.  Yesterday I watched my daughter go through one and she is 13, she watched everyone else get a Valentine or a rose while at school and came home down.  “Wow, it is started for her already,” I thought.  As for me I had just done my annual Healthy Wealthy Wow What Women Want Radio show (daily at 2 pm EST on the GRapevine TAlk Radio Network at www.planetarystreams.com) and so had made my usual comment about my husband and Valentine’s Day.

 Each and every year for the 14 years we have been married when I bring up Valentine’s Day my husband asks me, “When is Valentine’s Day this year?”  Every year I say, “Honey, it is on the 14th the same as it is every year.” and he says “What month?”  So, for the 7 Valentine Days I have been doing the talk radio show for women I share this and every year many many women call in to profer advice on how they get their husbands to remember!

 This year, the seventh year, something funny happened.  My husband remembered.  Usually after hearing my show he runs to the store and buys something expensive — incentivized by the guilty concious and all.  This year, I had roses, chocolate, a card (really and signed even) and a new watch.  Shocker was the tickets to the Opera!  Then of course when we got home (missed the Opera and reservations due to bad weather so had to eat all dressed up in the car at McDonald’s ((have not eaten their since road trip 4 years ago)) and saw the new Jumper Movie which is really good, is that the star wars guy?) I found a box on the door step.  In it was a Fat Bluebird Cookie jar that he had ordered online weeks and weeks ago!

Wow!  And I didn’t get him anything.  When is Valentine’s again?  March?