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Smith Family Business, the Green Polka Dot Box Garners Celebrity Support at the Academy Awards

green polka dot box

Green PolkaDot Box Founders, The Rod A. Smith Family

The Green PolkaDot Box™ the clean and organic foods online membership savings club, which offers natural healthy food products for less, will share their mission with celebrities at an Oscar Celebration during the 84th Annual Academy Awards weekend in Hollywood, California.

green polka dot box

Hollywood, CA & Salt Lake City, UT – February 2011– The Green PolkaDot Box™ (GPDB) Clean and organic foods 0nline membership savings club founder, Rod A. Smith, today, announced the company will share their mission to make healthy products affordable, with the GBK Productions Luxury Oscars Celebrity Lounge at the 84th Annual Academy Awards celebration February 23rd to 26th at the W Hotel, in Hollywood, CA. The Green PolkaDot Box offers the lowest pricing on organic and all-natural foods and products, making healthy living affordable to everyone.

With so many celebrities setting a precedent for buying green and organic, Smith considers the 84th Annual Academy Awards an appropriate venue to share The Green PolkaDot Box quest to educate consumers on the importance of using healthy and “clean” foods and products.

green polka dot box

Rod A. Smith, founder of the Green PolkaDot Box

“Celebrities and families agree the time has finally arrived for people who desire to eat healthy to break through the high price barrier that, until now, allowed only the wealthy to enjoy healthful organic and natural foods,” Smith said. “We are grateful to the celebrities who will help us celebrate and champion The Green PolkaDot Box quest to educate and deliver healthy food choices at the lowest prices to all families across America.”

The GPDB offers a growing number of over 15,000 products, available up to 60 percent off traditional retail prices. Shoppers will recognize many products from well-known companies like Eden Organics, Annie’s Home Grown, Bragg, Pangea Organics, Nutiva, Justin’s, Happy Baby, Bob’s Red Mill, and Blue Diamond. Sariah Smith, GPDB National Brand Manager, is also excited to introduce less well-known, but also wonderful product companies, like Ambrosial Granola, Better Life, La Yapa and others. Visit www.greenpolkadotbox.com to purchase your membership.
In their quest to make organic products affordable, GPDB is cooperating with some of the nation’s leading consumer associations and Clean Food advocates, including: The Organic Consumers Association, the Hippocrates Health Institute, the Natural Solutions Foundation, Citizens for Health, the National Health and Wellness Club, Natural News, Mission Possible, and others. The GPDB also soon plans to launch the Learning Center of their website in hopes to further educate members about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

green polka dot box

Green PolkaDot Box sends teams and healthy snacks to support fund raiser for youth athletics and to raise awareness forsports nutrition!

The GPDB originated with Smith and his family as a result of their efforts to live healthier after being faced with a diet-related health issue. Their goal to find affordable, organic, and non-Genetically Modified Organism foods and products led to the formation of The Green PolkaDot Box. Recently launched, GPDB delivers affordable “clean” foods and products directly to the homes of their rapidly growing membership of over 12,000. Smith defines clean foods as certified organic foods of all varieties that are 3rd party-verified to be free of Genetically Modified Organisms. The lowest prices on clean foods are now available for members to purchase at www.greenpolkadotbox.com.

green polka dot box

At the GBK Luxury Oscars Celebrity Lounge, Smith and his family will share their clean foods message with celebrities and Oscar Nominees by presenting them with an array of popular organic, non-GMO and healthy foods and products in the company’s signature green polka dot box. Visit www.greenpolkadotbox.me to see the products given to Academy Awards nominees, or follow Green Polka Dot Box on Facebook. For media information, please contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-358-3649 or kimpowerstilson@gmail.com

The Green PolkaDot Box™ is the clean and organic foods 0nline membership savings club which offers natural healthy food products for less and delivers directly to consumers’ doorsteps nationwide. The Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB) was founded by Rod A. Smith and his family as a result of their efforts to eat healthier after being faced with a diet-related health issue. GPDB offers healthy “clean food” products defined by Smith as certified organic foods that are 3rd party-verified to be free of Genetically Modified Organisms. The GPDB annual membership programs include “club” and “reward” memberships, the latter enabling members to accumulate reward points which further lower their monthly grocery expenses. All memberships feature a FREE delivery option. GPDB members will also enjoy access to fresh harvested, organic produce delivered directly from organic farms through the upcoming GPDB Harvest to Home program, Spring 2012. Affordable organic and all-natural products are now available to every household in America! Learn more at www.greenpolkadotbox.com.

The 84th Annual Academy Awards (informally known as the Oscars) is one of the most prominent award ceremonies in the world and is televised live from the Kodak Theatre to more than 52 million viewers in more than 200 countries annually. www.oscar.go.com. For media information, please contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-358-3649 or kim@powerstrategies.TV.

GBK Productions is well known for integrating the entertainment and non-profit industries to create unique and memorable high-profile national and international events that maximize its clients fundraising efforts. For more information please contact, Jolie Jankowitz at Jolie@gbkproductions.com and http://www.gbkproductions.com.


The Green PolkaDot Box Basketball team raises awareness of Sports Nutrition


See the Green PolkaDot Box Basketball teams . . . playing the game to increase awareness for sports nutrition and raise funds for youth athletics.

Health Wealth and Everything Else Talk Show this Week


This Week

Sonny Olsen and Kim Power Stilson interview Monika Gamble on HWE

Monika Gamble of ImageWorks Academy shares her olive oil beautiful skin regime created inexpensively with ingredients found in the kitchen. www.imageworksacademy.com

Kim talks with Rod Smith

The Green Polka Dot Box founder Rod Smith talks about the new online membership club that provides the lowest pricing on organic, natural and other healthy food products. Learn how their referral rewards program helps consumers earn their healthy food purchases. www.greenpolkadotbox.com

Sonny Olsen and Kim Power Stilson Interview eFoods Global

eFoods Global markets the finest food reserves available anywhere with a principle-driven business that uses referrals to help consumers earn their own family food storage. www.efoodsglobal.comFish Stories, Organic Polka Dots, Olive Oil Beauty, and Edible Emergency Food on the Health Wealth & Everything Else! Global eMedia Talk

This week on Health, Wealth & Everything Else! global eMedia talk show hosts Power and Sunshine, Kim Power Stilson and Sonny Olsen, talk olive oil beauty secrets with esthetician Monika Gamble, discuss organic food options with the Green Polka Dot Box founder Rod Smith and chat with Brad Reese of eFoods Global and Darrell Eyre of Prosper 7 about building a business around emergency food storage. Health, Wealth & Everything Else! (HWE Talk!) hosted by Power & Sunshine, is a daily eMedia Talk TV & Radio Show that shares solutions with the world’s largest consumer group. You can listen and watch live weekly at http://www.HWEStudio.com or to the daily streams at http://www.planetarystreams.com. HWE’s mission is to expose others to new ideas in a savvy infoedutainment (information, education & entertainment) format featuring products, solutions and services.

Sonny Olsen's Jolly Rancher horror story

Sonny Olsen shows Jolly Rancher attack

Kim and Monika laugh at Sonny's fish story on HWE!

The offender

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Watch LIVE here!

Watch LIVE here!

Monika Gable and HWE producer Tony Jewkes