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Grow Your Marriage by Leaps and Boundaries Featured on Prime Time Health’s Healing Talk Radio and TV Show


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Jerry L. Cook is interviewed by Prime Time Health host Diana Hoffman

grow your marriage by leaps and boundaries on healing talk

Salem, UT – June 2012 – The Prime Time Health Talk Show Series announced today that Dr. Jerry L. Cook author of Grow Your Marriage by Leaps and Boundaries was the featured guest on the Healing Talk Radio and TV Show hosted by Licensed Professional Counselor, Trauma Specialist, Diana Hoffman. Listen and watch live on Utah Valley Live and KHQN 1480 AM. Watch the show rebroadcast here.

According to Dr. Cook in his Healing Talk interview with host Diana Hoffman, the art of creating life-long marriages is disappearing at an alarming pace, largely because couples do not fully understand where (or how) to “draw the line” in a way that strengthens the relationship.

“These lines drawn are the boundaries that, when created the right way, show each spouse they are more important to the other than anything or anyone else,” said Jerry L. Cook, author and guest on Prime Time Health. “Grow Your Marriage by Leaps and Boundaries provides the tools for you to effectively create boundaries with technology, words, and body language.”

Diana Hoffman, LPC, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, owner of Lightspring Counseling Center and host of the Prime Time Health’s weekly Healing Talk Show, she says she believes Cook’s new book will inspire readers to evaluate how they prioritize their marriage, and to make changes when needed. A common theme is that the boundaries are most useful when decided upon by the couple themselves; dialogs are provided to help readers create, maintain, and negotiate boundaries with their spouse and others.

“None of us are perfect, but our marriages can be perfect for us,” says Jerry L. Cook, author and guest on Healing Talk. “Sometimes we underestimate the power of a positive marriage, and outsource our best selves to those things that are least important.”

Jerry L. Cook has a doctorate in family and human development and now serves as an associate professor of family and consumer sciences at California State University-Sacramento. Jerry and his wife co-authored The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids

This program will be broadcast live on KHQN 1480 AM on June 22nd, 2012 from 5 to 6 p.m. MT and will simulcast via live streaming video on healingtalkradio.utahvalleylive.com.

diana hoffman host of healing talk

Licensed Professional Counselor, Trauma Specialist, and host of Healing Talk on Prime Time Health, Diana Hoffman

About Prime Time Health’s “Healing Talk” Radio/TV Show hosted by Diana Hoffman: The “Healing Talk” Radio and TV Show hosted by with Diana Hoffman broadcasts live every Wednesday from 5-6 pm Mountain Time. Diana Hoffman’s show explores the best of current research and resources for healing mind, body and relationships. Diana Hoffman is an experienced talk show host, and a licensed professional counselor, LPC, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and owner of Lightspring Counseling Center in Salem, Utah. Please visit her site at http://www.healingtalkradio.com/ or email her at healingtalkradio@gmail.com. Follow her on Facebook here.
Watch the Prime Time Health video simulcast of “Healing Talk” with Diana Hoffman at healingtalkradio.utahvalleylive.com.

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Come visit Diana Hoffman at her LightSpring counseling office in Salem.


TalkWorthy Radio Talks about the Need for Speed and BYU’s Electric Blue


Friday on the TalkWorthy Radio Show by talking with those who know something you may not about . . . the need for speed! 175 miles per hour in the Electric Blue Car! Listen in as Perry Carter, talks about the world land speed record set by the electric car designed by Brigham Young University engineering students. Join host Kim Power Stilson and her guest Retired BYU professor Perry Carter on the TalkWorthy Radio Show this Friday at 4 pm EST/ 2 pm Mountain Time on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio

Perry Carter

An electric car designed and built by BYU engineering students set a world land speed record for its weight class, averaging 155.8 mph over its two required qualifying runs, one of which was clocked at 175 mph.

The milestone marks the end of a seven-year quest of more than 130 students, led by Perry Carter, who just retired as an associate professor.

“This is a wonderful closure to 31 years of teaching at BYU and many projects,” Carter said after the record was certified. “But this is the one that takes the cake. I’m done.”

“This is like Christmas morning,” said Jeff Baxter, a former student captain on the project who returned to Utah to witness the record-setting runs. “But like five Christmas mornings – or seven Christmas mornings!”

In land speed racing jargon, the car is called a streamliner, meaning it has a long, slender shape and enclosed wheels to reduce air resistance. Students custom-built the lightweight carbon fiber body after modeling it on a wind tunnel program on a computer. The aerodynamic performance and lithium iron phosphate batteries helped the car reach its high speeds.

With one inch of ground clearance and an extremely wide turning radius, the streamliner can run safely only in places like the Bonneville Salt Flats. Jim Burkdoll, president of the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, drove the car on its two record-setting runs, certified by the Southern California Timing Association – Bonneville Nationals, Inc.

The streamliner, named “Electric Blue,” competes in the “E1” class, which includes cars weighing less than 1,100 pounds. Because electric cars rely on heavy batteries, engineering a speedy vehicle at such a light weight is very difficult. That’s why there were no prior certified speed runs for this class, although unofficial standards reached the 130s. The BYU team completed a qualifying run at 139 mph last year, but failed to complete the required second run when the car rolled, damaging the car’s body but not the driver’s.

About half the students who have worked on the streamliner program over the years have been manufacturing engineering technology majors, about 40 percent mechanical engineering majors, and the rest from various other disciplines. Many worked on the car as part of an annual capstone course, but most were unpaid volunteers. The primary sponsor of the project is Ira A. Fulton, after whom BYU’s College of Engineering and Technology is named.

Kelly Hales is a BYU electrical engineering major who came to BYU to prepare for a career working on electric cars. He joined the streamliner team and took over as student captain of the project when Baxter completed his BYU MBA in April and left to work for a space exploration company. Baxter is one of many alumni who have gone on to success in their careers – several working on electric cars or competitive car racing – after helping develop the streamliner.

“Students who study music need to give concerts, students who study dance need to perform, and students who study engineering need to engineer things and compete to see how they work,” said Carter, the team mentor. “Experiential education is a key aspect of every program.”

Kim Power Stilson Hosts the new TalkWorthy! Radio show~


Talk about Good . . . Listen on BYU Radio this Friday, December 9th at 2:00 p.m. Mountain Time!

Join the new Talk Worthy! Radio Show to take an insider’s look at sports starting with Rugby.

Join Rugby’s Forever Strong screenwriter, Dave Plilier, Professional Rugby Player Matt Byrd, Utah Warrior Rugby Team Owner, Sean Whalen, and Rugby fan and NFL Chicago Bear’s football player, Harvey Unga in a rousing rugby discussion. Talk Worthy! Host Kim Power Stilson learns with listeners about the growing fanfare for US Rugby on BYU Radio Friday at 2 p.m. Mountain Time! Talk about good . . . tune in on BYURadio.org and SiriusXM chanel 143!