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How I feel In Love…


Kim is not feeling well today so in true Bluebird Sisterhood I am writing a post for her blog 🙂

How I Feel in Love…

I have to say that I have never really been impressed by dogs. Growing up, the oldest of 10, we have a fair share of animals running in and out of the house. Most of them came to their doom when my dad (Seeing that all 10 of his children were not responsible and/or selfish) would find some place for them to go (we still wonder if he really took the baby hamsters to the Chinese Restaurant down the street). So with this mentality I never bonded with dogs and thought they were just big mess makers (Especially when you tried to step in a backyard of a dog owners house. I remember last year when our neighbors got a dog and my 4 year old stepped in the dog poop, walked into our house, and then stepped on my expensive oriental area rug smearing the mess everywhere). So dogs just put a bad taste in my mouth…

That is until I met Sam, he is an Irish wolfhound and I have to confess, I think I have fallen in love. He is a giant dog, just huge, and I met him last week. He just came right up to me and bowed at my feet… then he started to lick my toes. He is SO tall that my Emma, who is 2, can walk right under him. He has such a good personality and I can see now how people can fall in love with their animals. I don’t own him, just think about him and his long tongue and stingy hair. There are also these adorable Irish Wolfhound babies, that I think I am going to have to have. There is a runt with a way-ward eye, oh my, all my will was holding me back from scooping up that puppy and taking it home right away. I am such a sucker for adorable animals! We did eventually have to leave my new found loves, so I went home and looked everything I could up on the internet. I have already mapped areas out in my backyard to see if we could get one… and the odds are for us!

Now my entire aspect of dogs has changed. I think I have always secretly been a dog person waiting for the right dog to show me what I have been missing. So to all those anti-dog bloggers beware, if you every meet Sam or his nephews you are in trouble of falling in love.

Bluebird Sister wants Auto Wash Clothes!


They’ve invented everything else you can think of to help us keep our homes clean!  Great cleaning implements from Dyson to Swifter!  Yet in the laundry department they are still selling the same old Tide and Downey.  Sure there is bleach and no bleach and safe bleach and the Downey now has an array of scents, scents only dreamed of by exhausted laundry doers years ago, but does Lilac scent really help us?  Why can’t someone invent “auto wash” clothes.   Or better yet, kids dirty clothes tossed on the floor disintegrate after 4 or 5 days, just in time for the weekend when I have to do laundry.  I work all week in my own company kpower strategies why should I have to work harder at home?

Laundry makes my house messy.  Clothes, dirty clothes piled in baskets in the bedrooms and in the laundry room.  For Heaven’s sake my house was spotless last week after we took all our spring c leaning and regular wash to the local Splish Splash laundrymat!  Now we have a little dust – have a swifter for that – and loads of clothes.  I’m all for Green Day, I take 2 minute shorter showers, I even used melted snow to water my four dogs, come on, a little help here.  I don’t want to do laundry today!  My kids don’t want to it either – I make them though!  (Is it obvious that its not working!) Someone please come up with an idea.  Auto Wash clothes!  You spill and stain gone – automatically.  You sweat and sweat gone – automatically.  You skin your knee and hole gone – automatically.  My son plays Army man and crawls through the mud – head to toe mud gone – automatically.  Great idea, huh!  Now please someone get to work.    I think I am going to do a Planetary Vision Snack TV “how to” do laundry in two minutes or less next week.  Watch for it on Planetarystreams.com.

Bluebirds get PV!


One of the best things I did this week was to Get Planetary Vision for myself, my friends and my family and look with it you get membership in the Bluebird sisterhood as well!  Yay for us Bluebirds!
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