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Attack of the Pink Slime by Steve Shenk


I read this article written by Steve Shenk, food expert, a few months back . . . I thought it was an interesting and helpful read . . . He is a brilliant writer with experience we can trust. Here is his article, re-posted with permission, of course.

Steve Shenk, noted food expert, is an educator, corporate executive, and philosopher, with forty years as a successful entrepreneur in the food industry.

Recently McDonald’s, one of our largest fast-food restaurants in America, issued the following statement:
“For a number of years prior to 2011, to assist with supply, McDonald’s USA used some lean beef trimmings treated with ammonia in our burgers. We were among other food retailers who used this safe product.”
Let that sink in for a moment—“beef trimmings treated with ammonia.” That can’t be right can it? What does that actually mean?

The beef trimmings referred to here are what is left over once all the cuts of beef have been removed from the cow. (These trimmings were once deemed unfit for human consumption and used for dog food). The trimmings are spun in a centrifuge to separate the “meat” from the fat and then the meat is treated with ammonium hydroxide in an attempt to kill all the harmful forms of bacteria present. You may have heard people refer to this “meat” as pink slime, a term coined by the British chef Jamie Oliver. Pink Slime is a name as appetizing as the process it went through to get on your table.

Now, look at McDonald’s statement again. Does anything else standout to you? What about “[w]e were among other food retailers…”? In October 2011 it was reported that 68 people in 10 states were sickened by an outbreak of salmonella toed to a “Mexican-style fast food restaurant chain”. It was later determined that the chain was Taco Bell. Burger King also came out with a statement similar to the McDonald’s announcement.

From this statement, one can safely assume that the use of pink slime is a widely accepted practice in the fast-food industry. It is estimated that 70% of fast-food hamburger could have included pink slime. Think back over the last year. How often have you eaten at a fast-food restaurant? Do you go out regularly with your co-workers for lunch? Do you stop by on the way home because you’re too tired to cook dinner? Or do you take the kids there for a reward or a family night out? The “why” isn’t as important as is knowing how many times you may have been fed pink slime. How do you feel about a trip through the drive-thru now?

It is also interesting that pink slime is referred to as a “safe product.” It makes you wonder what other “safe products” they are feeding us. if it’s truly safe, why did McDonald’s and Burger King both come out with statements that they were no longer using the pink slime products AFTER the contamination at Taco Bell was revealed?

The USDA has approved the use of ammoniated beef trimmings for human consumption. They argue that the beef’s ammonia treatment will kill any bacteria lingering in the beef. But, how much can we trust this process—or the government—when we hear of outbreaks of E. Coli and other harmful bacteria on a regular basis.
So what can you do to protect you and your family? You’ve already taken the first step by beginning to educate yourself on where your food comes from and how it is made. Please continue to do so. With knowledge comes power and the ability to make informed decisions that ultimately lead to peace of mind. It is for this very reason that I am committed to providing you with this type of information on an ongoing basis.

This is truly a frightening revelation that we here in the United States, as individuals and families, have to careful to protect ourselves from our own food. It is unfortunate indeed that agencies responsible for our protection can only be trusted to sell out our best interest to the economic pressures of special interest groups. If your personally held food supplies are dried or dehydrated, you are safe and can be fearless of these food-born contaminates. Very simply, these dangerous little critters can’t exist in a moisture-free environment.
Remember, if you are apathetic and passive about your food choices, you leave not only your health but also your well-being in the hands of others. Stop playing “Russian roulette” with your future and take control.


Are you a Desperate Housewife or a Prepared Housewife?


Desperate Housewife star Terri Hatcher with Prepared Housewives Donna Root and Kim Power Stilson

In a crisis will you be able to keep your Family Fed? Healthy? Secure? Have Peace of Mind?

Join with the Prepared Housewives in changing the socioeconomic status of a million homes by Thriving in the New Economy! helping moms feed and fund their families from the kitchen! Be one of first 100 Moms selected to thrive in the new economy! Learn how Savvy Moms use the Social and eMedia Grapevine to feed and fund their families from Home! Bring your favorite moms to our event for free food, gifts, a chance for a sparkly grand prize & to learn about Prepared Housewives!

Wednesday, August 24th at 7pm
Sunshine Barn at 42 East Center, Salem, UT
Can’t make that date? Join us online at http://www.preparedhousewives.com or call Kim 801-358-3649 or Donna 801-885-5465

Prepared Housewives Diamond Donna Root and Kim Power Stilson

Power Mom Day 11 Dinner in a Disaster!


I sent the kids round door to door with yummy cheesy potato soup to invite folks to our first “Dinner in a Disaster!” Emergency Family Food Series! We had our eFoods Global dinner last night with lovely friends and neighbors! (Last week it was Pancakes in a panic!) Everyone liked what they ate and we had a great time talking about ways to give the peace of mind of Storable gourmet food as gifts to love ones! It’s nice to know everyone is safely and deliciously fed in any crisis!

Watch these quick videos to hear what Elaine and Vern thought of their first eFoods Global dinner!

And now see what her husband Vern had to say!

Come to the dinner or join us online at www.powermom.co or to get free samples—www.powermom.myefoods.com

Power Mom Day 10! Stormy Sleepover Girls Make their own eFoods Beef Stroganoff!


My daughter McKall rarely asks for anything so when she asked for a sleepover after a late movie I acquiesced. Hey my husband working the night shift so I really like the extra people in the house — keeps my from being too lonely! Anyway the girls stayed up late and so slept in — right through breakfast. A storm blew in across the valley (see video) and when they got up they wanted something hot! Since I am now championing the Power Mom Food Fund and our mission includes getting our kids cooking food and eating food storage — I invited them to pick out their own eFoods Global meal and make it themselves! They had fun doing it — see the photos and video and I didn’t have to go back in the kitchen for lunch! They made two packets for 8 1 cup serving for the 7 of us and there were plenty for leftovers. I was hopeful I could skip making dinner — of course as soon as Maddy’s friends came over the Beef Stroganoff was gone! I am loving eFoods Global meals! Try having your teenagers make it for themselves — get your 12 meals free!

Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Since they missed breakfast by hours I invite them to make their own hot lunch! Smart mom!!

Cute blue hair sleepover girl ready to have hot lunch made by her and friends

eFoods Global Beef Stoganoff

Now eating everyone quiet for the first time in 24 hours! Dog sure looks hopeful too!

Then men get in on the food action

Smiling sleepover girls

Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson

Power Mom Day 9! Speaking to United Way Partners for Infants and Children Alliance Luncheon


Please click here to view the video

Kim Power Stilson, eMedia author, radio host and Power Mom Food Fund Founder Speaks at the United Way Luncheon today

Kim Power Stilson, author of “Do you have an eMedia Megaphone?” shares her “Social Media Savvy x’s Seven!” eMedia presentation to help mothers market their causes at today’s luncheon with the Partners for Infants and Children Alliance.

 July 2011— Power Strategies, Inc. announced today that Kim Power Stilson, Health Wealth & Everything Else! radio host, eMedia Strategist, founder of the Power Mom Food Fund, and author of “Do you have an eMedia Megaphone?” will speak at the luncheon for the United Way’s Partners for Infants and Children Alliance of Utah County presented by the Utah County Health Department. Stilson represents millions of women who struggle to help support their families but who can now use social media strategy to share their voice. Her presentation is titled “Social Media Savvy x’s Seven!”

As a wife of a policeman, mother of three, and eMedia strategist for 17 years, Kim Power Stilson has given and eMedia PR, Radio & TV voice to thousands of small and women-owned businesses and non-profit organizations. Kim is the author of several guides including “24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing” and the “eMedia for Your Business” 5-Step Training Series that teaches how to help their business make money on the Internet using 21st Century eMedia tools. She is pleased share her social media expertise to speak to Utah County’s Early Childhood Council members of the Partners for Infants and Children (PIC).

Here is video of Terri Smith of Friends for Sight and attendee at the United Way luncheon . . .

“Sharing social media solutions with Utah County’s Early Childhood Council members of the Partners for Infants and Children of the United Way is such an honor to mompreneurs like me who are believers in helping other families and also have to help support their families financially,” Stilson, author of “Do you have and eMedia Megaphone?” commented. “I hope my Social Media Savvy x’s Seven presentation shares some great tools attendees can use to share their message right away. I am a big believer in the power of mom and family voices sharing solutions which bring about change.”

Jane Lynch and Power Mom Food Fund Founder, Kim Power Stilson

Kim Power Stilson and Diamond Donna Root

PIC promotes a coordinated, collaborative system of early childhood care and education through partnerships, shared goals, and strategies to meet the needs of families with young children in Utah County. PIC Council members collaborate to identify needs of young children and their families, and then work to address those needs through existing programs. The council also seeks, receives and administers special grants to expand services for young children. The council also educates the community about the variety of services and programs for young children. Please visit www.unitedwayucv.org

Here is another video of attendee Christina Varghese, of the Child Care Resource and Referral program . . .

Kim Power Stilson, Terri Hatcher and Donna Root

Kim Power Stilson on the Health Wealth & Everything Else! global eMedia talk show and at Media events.

Stilson is the host of the Health, Wealth & Everything Else! global talk show and is the author of eMedia for Your Business: 5-Step Training Series. Stilson started the Power Mom Food Fund, a foundational group for moms whose goal is to feed and fund their families from their homes, with the eFoods Global opportunity, http://www.powermom.myefoods.com
To learn more about Kim Power Stilson, her eMedia business and the Power Mom Food Fund, please visit http://www.kimpowerstilson.com or http://www.powermom.co or http://www.powerstrategies.TV.

Power Mom Day 8! Door to Door with Pancakes and Peacocks


Practice Pancakes for Saturday's Pancakes in a Panic tasting by Merrick!

Yesterday the kids and I, after making up eFoods soup and corn bread muffin samples, went door to door among our neighbors to invited them to Merrick’s “Pancakes in a Panic!” eFoods tasting class.
We passed out flyers with this title “Pancakes in a Panic! Emergency Family Food Series!” That is the name of the first tasting class for our new family business the “Power Mom Food Fund” We were kind of nervous to go door to door — seemed old fashioned for an eMedia guru like myself — but we did it and it was fun. Maddy was a natural! Merrick was a clown! McKall was not as shy as usual and Chad and I well we were shy but we did our best too! Here is the thing . . . people were really really nice to us. They asked us questions about our new family business and how we were doing and generally said they’d take a look at what we offered. Everyone seemed to like the free samples that the kids had made up! The bonus was that we saw a peacock running around in the wild!

We made up samples of eFoods soups -- cheesy brocoli and pasta!

Maddy puts a garnish on our soup samples!

McKall stacks the eFoods corn muffins she has cooked on the plates!

Merrick cooks up eFoods Brocoli Cheddar soup

McKall shows off the flyer we made for our new family business!

Maddy loads the basket of eFoods corn muffins!

Power Mom holding tray while Power Dad Chad prepares to drive us around!

Maddy snaps a shot of a wild peacock! In Woodland Hills? Must be a lucky sign!

Does your family have food storage that’s easy for kids to make in any crisis?
Join us to learn about healthy, easy to use food storage meals for families!
Join us to eat & to learn about food that will help the families you love get prepared for any crisis!

“Pancakes in a Panic!” by Merrick Stilson
Saturday Morning, July 16th 8-9 am

“Dinner Emergencies”
By Kim Power Stilson
Thursday, July 21st 7-8 pm!

“Crisis Comfort Food” Maddy & McKall
Tuesday August 2nd 7-8 pm!

“Policeman’s Preparedness Picnic” by Chad
Tuesday, August 9th 7-8 pm!
*Watch Classes online at www.powermom.co

Merrick mixing up eFoods pancakes!

Merrick practicing for his big Pancakes in a Panic tasting class on Saturday!

Dear friend — As a family we started the “Power Mom Food Fund” to help fund and feed all families by sharing food, teaching kids preparedness for any emergency or crisis & donating food to families in need — all while keeping moms at home with kids!

Please consider our delicious, healthy and easy to serve eFoods Global food storage for your family!
You can help families you love earn their food storage by sharing our Emergency Food message.
Our easy to eat meals make a thoughtful Christmas Gifts Your business can help sponsor families to get the food they need free! For free meals to try go to www.powermom.myefoods.com!
Come to the classes, call to order 801-358-3649 or visit www.powermom.co for more information! Thank You! Stilson Family

Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson

Power Mom Day 7! My makes eFoods for the neighbor kids!


My neighbor went off to help at girls camp (my daughter was there too) so I thought I would give her a hand and have her cute girls over so she could enjoy camping! Her girls aged 4, 7 and 9 chased our kitties, helped me make cupcakes and a 2 Minute or less recipie for the Health Wealth and Everything Else! talk show and wore me out and then they got hungry themselves! Having committed to take the cupcakes and meal to their grandfather — I asked Merrick to make us lunch! He picked eFoods Cheesy Chicken casserole and he just added hot water and made from our eFoods Global Food storage! (You can get your 12 free meals here and do try the Cheesy Chicken Casserole — it is a picky kid favorite!

The neighbor girls & kitties

Cupcake madness

Frosting knife licked after the cupcakes were al frosted!!

Not quite so sure about that

My lunch time kids!

Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson

How many meals does your family eat?


1 person eats 3 meals a day, 21 meals a week, 90 meals a month or 1080 meals a year, plus water.
Family of 2 eats 42 meals a week, 180 meals a month or 2160 meals a year, plus water.
Family of 3 eats 63 meals a week, 270 meals a month or 3240 meals a year, plus water.
Family of 4 eats 84 meals a week, 360 meals a month or 4320 meals a year, plus water.
Family of 5 eats 105 meals a week, 450 meals a month and 5400 meals a year, plus water.
Family of 6 eats 126 meals a week, 540 meals a month, 6480 meals a year, plus water.

Feed Your Family First and then Help Others!

Moms! Do you have plenty of food on your shelves? Help your family and help 6 other families get Free Food! Get 818 (2 months) free delicious, easy to serve and store meals for your family Free!

Get your family some emergency food storage and start saving you 33-50% on your monthly food bill by serving, saving and sharing delicious eFoods Global meals.

1. Get the eFoods Global Essentials Pack. Feeds 400 meals, a family of 4 for 5 weeks for (only 88 cents a serving). This costs $350 with shipping around $410.

2. Pay for your family meals by helping 6 other families get their supply of delicious storable and servable 400 family meals by inviting them to buy the same eFoods Global Essentials Pack you purchased. You will get $435 cash returned to you and you will also get 190 additional meals.

3. Help those six get their delicious storable and servable meals free by helping them each invite 6 families to get their first 400 meals. They will get $435 cash and additional 190 meals each. You will get an additional 228 free meals and $375 in cash! And, from the next month forward get $200 in cash every month you can apply to your food budget, to adding food storage or applying to any of your family bills every month!

4. Keep serving, saving and sharing eFoods and build your family’s year supply of food storage FREE and bring in additional funds to help with bills! Ask me how!

Please join us on our quest to fund food into the homes of families — please take this Free Food (Food Freedom Tour) and get 12 free meals for the price of shipping.

Power Mom Day 6! Fast food on my door step!


Today the girls were away at camp and I could not decide what to make for lunch or for that matter what to make for dinner! My husband was working night shift (as cops seem to love to do) and so it was just me and my son! We noticed the eFoods Global food storage had arrived on the door step so we set to work opening it and then my son pulled a package from the box and made lunch and then we ate the leftovers for dinner! eFoods Global is perfect for the Power Mom Food Fund mission because I can have my food storage and teach my kids how to use it now. The food is tasty, gluten and hydrogenated oil free and well it is better for you than fast food! Much much much better! You can add water and eat straight from the pouch or you can add your own array of spices and veggies to taste. I like it because it saves my on my monthly food bill too! I can’t even tell you how nice it is to have my kids offer to make dinner with eFoods nightly! Please join us on our quest to fund food into the homes of families — please take this Free Food (Food Freedom Tour) and get 12 free meals for the price of shipping.

See my photo below and watch the video on this link

eFoods Global first month of food arrives! Yay Power Mom Food Fund

Power Mom son (he loves being called that) Merrick opens box!

eFoods meals come very well packaged!

eFoods Flier holds Merrick's interest for like 2 seconds!

Merrick pulls out Cheddar Brocoli soup from eFoods

In 2o minutes we have a yummy home cooked lunch from food storage! Yay eFoods Global!

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson

Power Mom Day 5! Fishing Feet on the table and eFoods Global for lunch?


As a Power Mom intent on feeding and funding my family, I always make home cooked meals! Okay maybe not ALWAYS but that is my intent (on my best days and when I am in a good mood.) Anyway, I had just cleaned the house when my men returned from a summer morning fishing trip! I had lunch all prepared and was ready to set the table on a fresh table cloth when my husband walked into the kitchen and put not only his fishing pole and gear but his just returned from the gross lake shows on top of my table! Well I was livid but you won’t believe what happens next! See below!

My husband leaves his fishing shoes right on the table!

Here the guys are in the kitchen cleaning the fish after their fun morning out!

Early summer morning fishing success!

Power Mom thoughts . . . Ugh fish in my kitchen

So, again here is where my husband left his fishing pole, shoes and wallet. Nice huh? Right on the table. So, when goes upstairs to wash up for lunch I decide I could yell and scream or simply just put his lunch next to his gear! I think hey why not try being subtle . . .

So I put his eFoods Pasta lunch right next to his fishing gear!

Watch what happens when I call him to eat lunch see what he does with his shoes when he sits down for lunch!

Wow, he loves eFoods so much he doesn’t even notice he left his gross shoes and fishing gear on the table!!! Whatever! Anyway, such is life right? So, here is my plea for moms to unite! Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour