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Bluebird sister survives weekend with 8 puppies


All the new Irish Wolfhound Puppies are healthy and well and survived the weekend with the kids, birds, cats and other dogs!  Yay! You can see them on video at www.planetarystreams.com


Bluebird has great radio show!


Today on the Bluebird Sisterhood Show we met with great sisters about the latest happenings in our lives.  You can hear the archive or podcast on www.planetarystreams.com.

Bluebird in the Mud!


I had a choice, build a company or die. 

I was laid off during what has come to be known as the dot com era.  My husband was a police officer and basically only worked to keep us well insured.  My income was primary.  I was lucky to have 15 years experience and a skill which was convertible into a business.  Some of you reading this had to get more creative to come up with a product or service to sell.  My livelihood was inborn and in demand and now I had to turn it into an independent livelihood.  What did I do? What did we all do?  We started a business.

What makes the difference between a successful business and one that you pour years, money, your soul and your family’s soul into only to have to give up in 2-7 years?  Why do some people work like you do, out of your garage, basement or dining room, and end up million billionaires, while you end up losing your house?

Why?  As much as I hate to ask why and less like to face the answers, I discovered the secret, the key, the answer while face down in the mud after losing a business I had worked heart and soul for 6 almost 7 years. 

My company had its shining moments, we had a good product/service and in fact the first three years were successful, so what happened?  Why? I won’t bore you with the story of those 6-7 years but the answer to those questions lies in not doing the answer I finally gleaned while face down in the mud.