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Attack of the Pink Slime by Steve Shenk


I read this article written by Steve Shenk, food expert, a few months back . . . I thought it was an interesting and helpful read . . . He is a brilliant writer with experience we can trust. Here is his article, re-posted with permission, of course.

Steve Shenk, noted food expert, is an educator, corporate executive, and philosopher, with forty years as a successful entrepreneur in the food industry.

Recently McDonald’s, one of our largest fast-food restaurants in America, issued the following statement:
“For a number of years prior to 2011, to assist with supply, McDonald’s USA used some lean beef trimmings treated with ammonia in our burgers. We were among other food retailers who used this safe product.”
Let that sink in for a moment—“beef trimmings treated with ammonia.” That can’t be right can it? What does that actually mean?

The beef trimmings referred to here are what is left over once all the cuts of beef have been removed from the cow. (These trimmings were once deemed unfit for human consumption and used for dog food). The trimmings are spun in a centrifuge to separate the “meat” from the fat and then the meat is treated with ammonium hydroxide in an attempt to kill all the harmful forms of bacteria present. You may have heard people refer to this “meat” as pink slime, a term coined by the British chef Jamie Oliver. Pink Slime is a name as appetizing as the process it went through to get on your table.

Now, look at McDonald’s statement again. Does anything else standout to you? What about “[w]e were among other food retailers…”? In October 2011 it was reported that 68 people in 10 states were sickened by an outbreak of salmonella toed to a “Mexican-style fast food restaurant chain”. It was later determined that the chain was Taco Bell. Burger King also came out with a statement similar to the McDonald’s announcement.

From this statement, one can safely assume that the use of pink slime is a widely accepted practice in the fast-food industry. It is estimated that 70% of fast-food hamburger could have included pink slime. Think back over the last year. How often have you eaten at a fast-food restaurant? Do you go out regularly with your co-workers for lunch? Do you stop by on the way home because you’re too tired to cook dinner? Or do you take the kids there for a reward or a family night out? The “why” isn’t as important as is knowing how many times you may have been fed pink slime. How do you feel about a trip through the drive-thru now?

It is also interesting that pink slime is referred to as a “safe product.” It makes you wonder what other “safe products” they are feeding us. if it’s truly safe, why did McDonald’s and Burger King both come out with statements that they were no longer using the pink slime products AFTER the contamination at Taco Bell was revealed?

The USDA has approved the use of ammoniated beef trimmings for human consumption. They argue that the beef’s ammonia treatment will kill any bacteria lingering in the beef. But, how much can we trust this process—or the government—when we hear of outbreaks of E. Coli and other harmful bacteria on a regular basis.
So what can you do to protect you and your family? You’ve already taken the first step by beginning to educate yourself on where your food comes from and how it is made. Please continue to do so. With knowledge comes power and the ability to make informed decisions that ultimately lead to peace of mind. It is for this very reason that I am committed to providing you with this type of information on an ongoing basis.

This is truly a frightening revelation that we here in the United States, as individuals and families, have to careful to protect ourselves from our own food. It is unfortunate indeed that agencies responsible for our protection can only be trusted to sell out our best interest to the economic pressures of special interest groups. If your personally held food supplies are dried or dehydrated, you are safe and can be fearless of these food-born contaminates. Very simply, these dangerous little critters can’t exist in a moisture-free environment.
Remember, if you are apathetic and passive about your food choices, you leave not only your health but also your well-being in the hands of others. Stop playing “Russian roulette” with your future and take control.


Nina Isaacson, Mother of Seventeen Adopted Children, Offers Her Insights on Mothering, Love, Resilience, and Never Giving Up.


Nina Isaacson, Mother of Seventeen Adopted Children, Offers Her Insights on Mothering, Love, Resilience, and Never Giving Up.

Twelve years ago Scott and Nina Isaacson were featured on the Oprah Winfrey show for adopting seventeen children, many of whom were older and traumatized. Now, with not one failed adoption, Nina Isaacson shares insights on their journey as a family.

Salem, UT – February 17, 2012 – Nina Isaacson will be the featured guest on this week’s broadcast of Healing Talk Radio.

Twelve years ago Scott and Nina Isaacson were featured on the Oprah Winfrey show for adopting seventeen children, many of whom were older and had been abused and traumatized.

The Isaacsons, unable to have biological children, did not start out intending to adopt seventeen boys and girls. In the beginning they adopted a single newborn, and then another infant. In time they became acquainted with three sibling children who need to be together. The Isaacsons fostered these children and then adopted them. Gradually the number of adopted children swelled to 9, and the Isaacsons thought they were done.

Then they became aware of a family of eight children who were being separated in the foster care system because no one could be found who was willing to take on so many children at once. In an astonishing act of sacrifice and compassion, Scott and Nina chose to adopt them all and kept the children together.

The reaction of the community was mixed. Some, like Oprah, praised them for their heroism and compassion. Others thought they were naïve, or just crazy. A few predicted dire consequences.

Now, twelve years later, with not one failed adoption, with three sons on LDS missions simultaneously, four children still at home and thirteen grandchildren, Nina Isaacson will appear live on Healing Talk Radio to talk about her journey:
Join us as Nina shares what she did to create healing and stability for many of her children who had survived trauma and abuse; what she did to cope with the amazing level of stress and frequent crises of having seventeen children under fifteen years old; how she handling the logistics of so many meals, so many homework assignments, so many soccer games and so many personal needs, and hear her special message to parents of troubled children.

About “Healing Talk” Talk Radio Show: The Healing Talk Radio Show explores the best of current research in emotional and relationship healing. Host of the weekly “Healing Talk” Radio Show, Diana Hoffman is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Trauma Recovery Specialist at LightSpring Counseling in Salem, Utah. Healing Talk is broadcast live on KHQN 1480 AM every Friday at noon in Utah. The program is simulcast by video streaming to Healing Talk is syndicated to Planetary Streams Talk Radio, Web Campus World Wide Radio, and Shoutcast. Past programs are archived at Contact: or visit the website,

Artist Liz Lemon Swindle on the TalkWorthy Radio Show

liz lemon swindle on the talkworthy radio show

Artist Liz Lemon Swindle of the TalkWorthy Radio Show Friday on SiriusXM BYU Radio

We’re kicking off February and the month of love this Friday on the TalkWorthy Radio Show by talking with those who know something you may not about . . . Artistic works of Love! Listen as artist Liz Lemon Swindle, known around the world and in countless religious communities for her paintings that visually share the love of Jesus Christ, talks about her journey of art and love that started for her in the first grade. Join host Kim Power Stilson and her guest artist Liz Lemon Swindle on the TalkWorthy Radio Show this Friday at 4 pm EST/ 2 pm Mountain Time on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio!

Liz Lemon Swindle

Liz Lemon Swindle

Kim Power Stilson

Kim Power Stilson host of the TalkWorthy Radio Show

TalkWorthy Radio Show

Talk Worthy Radio Show
Talk with those who know something you may not!
Hosted by Kim Power Stilson Live Fridays at 2 pm on SiriusXM & BYU Radio channel 143.

Making Movies on TalkWorthy Radio Show with Black Box Cinematography and Diamond Donna Root


TalkWorthy Radio Show

This Friday on the TalkWorthy Radio Show . . . talk with those who know something you may not about Making Movies! Listen as Diamond Donna Root, author and co-founder of Black Box Cinematography, a new green screen technology unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival, will share some insight into the way films are made!! Join host Kim Power Stilson on the TalkWorthy Radio Show this Friday at 4 pm EST/ 2 pm Mountain Time on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio!!

Diamond Donna Root

Diamond Donna Root founder of the Diamonds by Donna is known as “Diamond Donna” as much for her sparkling personality as for her innovative leadership as an entrepreneur. As an author, lecturer, speaker, lifestyle consultant and talk show host, Diamond Donna shares her message about achieving transformational growth. Diamond Donna Root is one of the nation’s leading authorities in understanding and stimulating human maximum performance and potential. As an author, speaker, business consultant, executive coach, and personal development guru, Donna has assisted executives, athletes, actors, and individuals globally to develop the critical mental and emotional skill sets to thrive in any business or personal relationship. Donna has been recognized by Cambridge’s “Who’s Who” for achieving excellence in leadership, vision, mentoring, and coaching. She has also produced several courses on peak performance and personal empowerment. Donna shares her message about achieving transformational growth in her Thriving in the New Economy training. For more information about Donna Root or

TalkWorthy Radio Show

Talk Worthy Radio Show
Talk with those who know something you may not!
Hosted by Kim Power Stilson Live Fridays at 2 pm on SiriusXM & BYU Radio channel 143.

Kim Power Stilson Hosts the new TalkWorthy! Radio show~


Talk about Good . . . Listen on BYU Radio this Friday, December 9th at 2:00 p.m. Mountain Time!

Join the new Talk Worthy! Radio Show to take an insider’s look at sports starting with Rugby.

Join Rugby’s Forever Strong screenwriter, Dave Plilier, Professional Rugby Player Matt Byrd, Utah Warrior Rugby Team Owner, Sean Whalen, and Rugby fan and NFL Chicago Bear’s football player, Harvey Unga in a rousing rugby discussion. Talk Worthy! Host Kim Power Stilson learns with listeners about the growing fanfare for US Rugby on BYU Radio Friday at 2 p.m. Mountain Time! Talk about good . . . tune in on and SiriusXM chanel 143!

Talk About Five Common Mistakes in Couple’s Communication on Healing Talk Radio Hosted by Diana Hoffman


Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network today announced that Diana Hoffman, Trauma Recovery Specialist, owner of Lightspring Counseling Center and host of “Healing Talk” radio show, will discuss “Five Common Mistakes in Couple’s Communication. These common errors include:

Escalating a disagreement after partners have become upset creates damage to the relationship and has no benefits. When either partner has become angry or feels threatened or intimidated, the body’s arousal has changed, creating some level of flight, fight or freeze state. In any of these states, circulation to the brain is significantly reduced, particularly in the cerebral cortex. Reduced blood and reduced activity in the cerebral cortex means partners will be unlikely to really hear and understand each other, and will be unlikely to make fair-minded or thoughtful decisions. When the discussion becomes heated or emotional, good couple’s communication has come to an end.
If spouses will learn the skill of taking turns reflecting what is being said, neutrally and honestly, typically most of the energy in disagreements will subside, and spouses will be able to hear each other, compromise, or agree to disagree. If a conversation begins to heat up, spouses need to take a “time out” until they both are calm and can hear each other fairly.

Punishing a partner in an attempt to change their behavior is amazingly ineffective, and amazingly common. Punishment as a deterrent to bad behavior is marginally effective at best. Punishment as a motivation for good behavior is consistent failure. In a marriage, punishment is an abandonment of the equality of the partnership, and an attempt by one spouse to become the “parent” of the other. This always harms the relationship, as equality and respect are essential.

Spouses should handle each other’s problematic behaviors through negotiating, expressing feelings calmly and respectfully, explaining boundaries and taking essential actions. Spouses also need to accept their spouse as a unique individual, and recognize that marriage does not entitle them to “remodel” another person.
Rigid Thinking occurs when a partner assumes that his or her way of doing things is the only right way. Individuals grow up in a family culture that they usually assume represents a much larger culture. Thus it is a starting assumption that “my family was normal and average and correct in their way of doing things.” Although most individuals of marriage age have identified some things in their family culture that they want to change, there is typically a great deal more that they unconsciously accept and assume to be the “right way” to handle various aspects of married life.

Whenever there is a disagreement about how to handle a situation, spouses need to start with the assumption that their partner’s position has some validity behind it. Both partners need to listen carefully and understand their partner’s way of doing things, and work to find compromises, or else alternate between choosing “his way” and “her way” so that each partner’s preferences and family culture become part of the new marriage and effective couples communication.

Criticism is closely related to punishment. Both are based on the idea that an individual has the right to overhaul or remodel their partner. Although it is true that individuals will always have to make some changes to facilitate a marriage partnership, partners should be very respectful about requesting a change, and should focus a great deal more energy and time on noticing and admiring a partner’s strengths and qualities.

Expressing gratitude for any increments of change and improvement is a much more effective way of changing behavior than criticism or punishment. This approach also strengthens the relationship instead of weakening it.
Triangulating involves turning to a third party to try to resolve tensions between spouses. Common forms of triangulating in couples communication involve talking to a relative or family member to get them to influence the spouse in some way; sending messages through the children; punishing the children to demonstrate anger against the spouse; gossiping or broadcasting a spouse’s weaknesses to do others, or complaining to a marriage counselor to get him or her to “fix” the spouse.

Conflicts, frustrations and disagreements between the couple should be resolved by conversations between the couple. Children should be kept entirely out of parent’s conflicts. Unskilled third parties should also be avoided. A skilled third party such as a therapist may be helpful to act as a referee and teach advanced communication skills. However, spouses should talk to each other directly about their concerns, even in a counseling session, rather than communicating their frustrations indirectly by talking to their therapist in front of the spouse to make sure the partner hears, or by meeting alone with the therapist and trying to get the therapist to “fix” the spouse.

About “Healing Talk” Talk Radio Show: The Healing Talk Radio Show explores the best of current research in emotional and relationship healing. Hosted by Diana Hoffman, Licensed Professional Counselor and Trauma Recovery Specialist in Salem, Utah. Listen every Saturday at 9 a.m. on Planetary Streams Talk Radio. Listen to internet replay daily at 9 am, 5 pm and 2 am Mountain Time on, and Contact: or visit the website,

Power Mom on eFoods Global Day 3! Food arrives


The Feeding and Funding Mission Begins for the Stilson Family! eFoods Global Day 3

Our mission is to share healthy ways to help moms feed and fund their families in all economic circumstances.

See us open our first eFoods delivery! Yes, the kids clowned around when I told them I was going to video this — you know how kids are!

eFoods Global Box arrives

Kids hurrying my husband to open the eFoods Global Box

The kids open eFoods Global box!

“Health Wealth & Everything Else!” eMedia Talk Radio and TV Show!


“Health Wealth & Everything Else!” eMedia Talk Radio and TV Show!
Share what you know about health, wealth and wow on the global eMedia Megaphone!
Share your story to the world’s largest consumer group!

Health, Wealth & Everything Else! Talk TV & Radio Show:

Health, Wealth & Everything Else! hosted by Power, Sunshine & Diamonds (Kim Power, Sonny Olsen & Diamond Donna) is a daily eMedia Talk TV & Radio Show that shares solutions with the world’s largest consumer group. HWE’s mission is to expose others to new ideas in a savvy infoedutainment (information, education & entertainment) format featuring products, solutions and services. HWE! explores the globe for health wealth & everything else solutions offered by mompreneurs to large corporations with the belief that their audience, the world’s largest consumer group, will then be empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. The HWE! eMedia studio is located at 397 N. Main Street in Spanish Fork, Utah, USA but through the combination of its CoVideo and terrestrial radio platforms it streams and broadcasts daily to almost 9 million syndicated listeners in the United States and the UK and Mexico. You can find more information about the HWE! Hosts, sponsors and syndicate stations at

About “Health Wealth & Everything Else!” eMedia Talk Radio & TV Show Hosts:

Kim Power Stilson is the power behind the power and sunshine talk hosting team on the “Health Wealth & Everything Else!” eMedia Talk Radio & TV Show. When she’s not talking to the world, Kim is an eMedia Strategist has helped thousands of business owners promote their products and services online. Recognized as a pioneer of Internet Talk Radio, Kim Power Stilson is the author of “Do you have an eMedia Megaphone?” and her new 5-Step training series –“eMedia for your business”– is now available on Web Campus World Wide. Kim is the founder of the Bluebird Sisterhood, sits on several boards and loves to watercolor, play tennis, snow ski, write, and be near the sea. A dual citizen, Kim divides her time between the United States, England & Ireland. She loves her Irish Wolfhounds, 3 kids, 2 cats and her very patient husband. Contact her kim@powerstrategies.TV or http://www.powerstrategies.TV.

Sonny Olsen is the sunshine behind the power and sunshine talk hosting team on the “Health Wealth & Everything Else!” eMedia Talk Radio & TV Show which streams and broadcasts daily to almost 9 million syndicated global listeners. When he’s not talking to the world, Sonny is a lawyer and shareholder of the Utah-based law firm of Heideman, McKay, Heugly & Olsen. He enjoys complex litigation and advising individuals and businesses on tax related and estate planning issues. Sonny was the official media spokesman for the 17 plus Crandall Canyon victim and he has assisted in United States Senate hearings in Washington, DC. A Sonny and his lovely wife of 11 years have four beautiful children and reside in Salem, Utah. Sonny enjoys riding dirt bikes, fly fishing, golfing and enjoying the great outdoors with his children. You can find more information about the HWE! Hosts, sponsors and syndicate stations at

Diamond Donna Root: Crazy Magic Talk Show host, and Author of “I’m Turned On! Now What?” and the “Getting Past You” series, Donna Root has lectured nationally with Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and recognized by Cambridge’s “Who’s Who” for achieving excellence in leadership.  Entrusted as spokesperson for one of the world’s oldest diamond families, Donna Root is launching “Diamonds by Donna” with Jon R. Moss, to deliver cultured diamonds and earth grown diamonds direct to the public globally. Please, and

“Health Wealth & Everything Else!” eMedia Talk Radio & TV Show hosted by the power and sunshine talk hosting team which through the combination of its CoVideo and terrestrial radio platforms streams and broadcasts daily to almost 9 million syndicated listeners in the United States and the UK and Mexico. You can find more information about the HWE! Hosts, sponsors and syndicate stations at

Yay Carmen and All Women Who Do What They Can to Survive!


Carmen Gonzales Earns Supervisor Position with For Every Home

Mother of 3 Takes on the World and Wins a Laptop!

Carmen Gonzales, For Every Home Consultant Wins Laptop!

Puerto Rico & Utah County, UTAH – Becky Anderson, founder of For Every Home, today, announced that Carmen Gonzales advanced in personal sales to win a new laptop computer in the For Every Home contest.

Carmen Gonzales, mother of 3 children, started her home party business as recovery therapy for an illness that had made her quit her job. According to Carmen, when she received a phone call from Sonia Montalvo sharing the For Every Home opportunity, she knew it was an answer to her prayers of finding a way to earn a living while working from home and a way for her to love life again. Now, a few months later she has already advanced to Personal Sales Leader and won a new laptop computer.

“What I like about FEH is the flexibility of my time, to share with others the opportunity and to know their needs, and to let them know the quality of our product,” said Carmen.

According to Becky Anderson, founder, she and her team started For Every Home to help other working families achieve their dreams.

“We applaud Carmen Gonzales for her achievement,” said Becky Anderson. “Carmen, and other women like her, with responsibilities and dreams who work hard and don’t ever give up are the reason the world’s economy will improve. For Every Home is proud to be a part of each of their journeys.”

Carmen says For Every Home was the spark she needed and within a few months she feels great and is one of the top in the For Every Home Company in recruiting and sales. Carmen is grateful to many people for helping her.

“I thank God and my family, especially to my mother, for all the support she had given me, also to my son James who tells everyone about our candles,” said Carmen Gonzales. “I cannot forget to mention the great Team Work and how close we all are to each other. Dennisse Durand, Thank you for all your support. Thank you to everyone and God Bless You.”

In 2007, Becky Anderson founded For Every Home to help make a difference in women’s lives. As the successful founder of a multi-million dollar company, she is using over fifteen years of experience to give women the tools they need to make their business successful. All of the products at For Every Home are created by Becky and her team. She watches trends closely to make sure everything offered is something women will love to have in their homes. At For Every Home, business and fun begin at home. Join the family! To find out more about For Every Home or how you can become a For Every Home party consultant, please visit . For more information please visit, or please contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-615-0035.

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