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BBQ on TalkWorthy Radio with Toni Jorgenson of Rib City Grill on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio


Here is the BBQ recipe from Rib City we promised on last week’s TalkWorthy radio show!

Suggested by Toni Jorgenson on the TalkWorthy Radio Show! Find her on Facebook/ribcityutah or
Twitter @ribcityutah!

• 1 cup Ketchup
• 1 teaspoon Yellow mustard
• 1/2 cup Brown sugar
• 1 tablespoon Honey
• 1 can Coke
• Then you can add other ingredients depending on what you like. Try:
• Raspberries
• Liquid Smoke
• Tabasco
• Chili Powder
• Chili Peppers
To grill ribs, you can start with Baby Back Ribs or St. Louis Style Ribs.
Use your favorite wood type. At Rib City, we use oak. You can use a rub to infuse the flavor into the ribs. Then smoke them for 4 hours at 225 degrees. After that, wrap them in tin foil with a small amount of water and lather them with sauce. Wrap them in foil and grill them on a medium grill (225 degrees) for another 2 hours. The sauce and water create a steam effect.
For “Fall Off The Bone” ribs, you can let them cool down for ½ hour, then grill them with more sauce to warm them up.
If you only have a BBQ Grill not a Smoker, get your favorite wood chips in a foil pan add some water to it making the wood chips wet. Then put the wood chips on the direct heat and cook your Baby Backs on the indirect heat with your favorite rub for 2 hours then repeat step 2 for another 2 hours or until Tender meat should fall off the bone from the steam effect.
If you want to skip the smoking, you can marinate the ribs for at least 2 hours in your refrigerator. (Rib City recommends marinating them overnight.)

To listen to the TalkWorthy Radio show tune in at 2 pm Mountain every day at 2 pm Mountain on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio or! Visit Kim Power Stilson at for show ideas!

The Little Known Causes Behind Rising Food Prices By Steve Shenk


Steve Shenk, noted food expert, is an educator, corporate executive, and philosopher, with forty years as a successful entrepreneur in the food industry.

The cost of food has been rising dramatically over the last year and while the obvious doesn’t need to be pointed out, a voice of warning needs to be raised so we can understand the contributing factors to the problem. By becoming aware of the different “levers” that affect the price of food, one can read the news with a more discerning eye and understand the real truth beneath the sanitized information given us in an attempt to lull and pacify us so we won’t do anything. By educating and preparing yourself, you empower yourself to predict your own future—a future that affords you peace of mind.

Right now, there are three main contributing factors to why the price of food has gotten out of control. While you may be able to do little about the factors themselves, when understood, you can create a strategy so as not to be held hostage by their effects.

The price of oil and fuel is a major cause of food price increases and one of the most volatile. Differing ideologies, terrorism, and just plain greed cause the price of oil to jump in an instant. In fact, Iran’s recent retaliation for recent U.S. and EU sanctions is driving an oil price increase that already has 2012 starting off with some of the highest gas prices we’ve seen for this time of year.
Due to the transportation costs associated with making and moving your food, it makes sense that as soon as gas prices rise, food prices will be close behind. In fact, if you chart food and oil prices together, you will see that they march in step with one another.

While you can’t control the price of oil, you can anticipate how turmoil on the other side of the world will impact your food budget.

Another contributing factor to rising food prices is the worldwide famine. Droughts and floods have decimated food crops the world over. China and India are buying up food and farm land at an alarming pace in the wake of their recent crop failures. Add to this the fact that commodities markets can manipulate global prices for their gain and you can see how a global food problem impacts what you buy at your corner grocery store.
Now you may think that U.S. farmers would benefit from their crops being sold for top dollar overseas, but as you’ll see in a moment, there is only so much land to farm with and if it is used for other purposes than growing food then the benefit of exporting isn’t fully realized. What else would farmers be using their land for? That brings us to our final factor.

Ethanol production takes away farmland that benefits food production and contributes to a vicious cycle that most of us are unaware.

Ethanol, which is made from agricultural feed stocks, is used as a biofuel additive for gasoline with the intent of holding rising gas prices at bay. At first take, addressing rising gas prices appears a noble endeavor, but by understanding the cause and effect relationship inherent in the overall process, one can easily see how quickly this program accelerates the food price problem.

Put quite simply, the government subsidizes farmers to grow corn for ethanol. These government subsides make it so it isn’t cost effective for farmers to grow corn for cattle feed. The reduction in supply of cattle feed pushes up the demand for feed not only raising the price of feed, but the cost of beef. With the price of feed rising, the government must then provide more subsidies to farmers to keep them from making the switch away from growing corn for ethanol production. This raises the cost of ethanol and by so doing the cost of gas. And as we’ve already stated, as the cost of fuel rises so does food. As you can see the government’s plan to solve one problem—fuel costs—has not only exacerbated it, but contributed to another ongoing problem—rising food costs. (Something that is on par for most government programs.)

So with rising fuel costs caused both at home and abroad and the world community pulling on our food production resources, it may feel as if our hands are tied. Fortunately, there is something you can do.

By buying food today at current prices, you are able to “freeze the market” in time. Price increases that will come won’t affect you because of your stock on hand. You are hedging against tomorrow’s food prices. You are also buying insurance for the “perfect storm” when all three factors explode at once. When this happens—once again, not a matter of “if” but, “when”—you will see a scenario where your grocery store will be limited to what is on hand. And once that supply is gone, it is gone. The food you have stored will enable you to be free of the effects of lack of supply and rising prices.

So be informed. Continue to educate yourself so you not only know, but understand what is happening in the world. As you can see, it really is a matter of life and death.

About Contributing Writer, Steve Shenk:

Steve Shenk, noted food expert, is an educator, corporate executive, and philosopher, with forty years as a successful entrepreneur in the food industry. His expertise and leadership on food safety issues have positively impacted the lives of thousands with a prevention-based strategy to ensure the availability, price and safety of food. Steve is also presently heard almost any day of the week across multiple radio networks as a guest of some of America’s most notable talk show programs. For more information please visit,

Power Mom Day 10! Stormy Sleepover Girls Make their own eFoods Beef Stroganoff!


My daughter McKall rarely asks for anything so when she asked for a sleepover after a late movie I acquiesced. Hey my husband working the night shift so I really like the extra people in the house — keeps my from being too lonely! Anyway the girls stayed up late and so slept in — right through breakfast. A storm blew in across the valley (see video) and when they got up they wanted something hot! Since I am now championing the Power Mom Food Fund and our mission includes getting our kids cooking food and eating food storage — I invited them to pick out their own eFoods Global meal and make it themselves! They had fun doing it — see the photos and video and I didn’t have to go back in the kitchen for lunch! They made two packets for 8 1 cup serving for the 7 of us and there were plenty for leftovers. I was hopeful I could skip making dinner — of course as soon as Maddy’s friends came over the Beef Stroganoff was gone! I am loving eFoods Global meals! Try having your teenagers make it for themselves — get your 12 meals free!

Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Since they missed breakfast by hours I invite them to make their own hot lunch! Smart mom!!

Cute blue hair sleepover girl ready to have hot lunch made by her and friends

eFoods Global Beef Stoganoff

Now eating everyone quiet for the first time in 24 hours! Dog sure looks hopeful too!

Then men get in on the food action

Smiling sleepover girls

Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson

Power Mom Day 6! Fast food on my door step!


Today the girls were away at camp and I could not decide what to make for lunch or for that matter what to make for dinner! My husband was working night shift (as cops seem to love to do) and so it was just me and my son! We noticed the eFoods Global food storage had arrived on the door step so we set to work opening it and then my son pulled a package from the box and made lunch and then we ate the leftovers for dinner! eFoods Global is perfect for the Power Mom Food Fund mission because I can have my food storage and teach my kids how to use it now. The food is tasty, gluten and hydrogenated oil free and well it is better for you than fast food! Much much much better! You can add water and eat straight from the pouch or you can add your own array of spices and veggies to taste. I like it because it saves my on my monthly food bill too! I can’t even tell you how nice it is to have my kids offer to make dinner with eFoods nightly! Please join us on our quest to fund food into the homes of families — please take this Free Food (Food Freedom Tour) and get 12 free meals for the price of shipping.

See my photo below and watch the video on this link

eFoods Global first month of food arrives! Yay Power Mom Food Fund

Power Mom son (he loves being called that) Merrick opens box!

eFoods meals come very well packaged!

eFoods Flier holds Merrick's interest for like 2 seconds!

Merrick pulls out Cheddar Brocoli soup from eFoods

In 2o minutes we have a yummy home cooked lunch from food storage! Yay eFoods Global!

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson

Power Mom Day 5! Fishing Feet on the table and eFoods Global for lunch?


As a Power Mom intent on feeding and funding my family, I always make home cooked meals! Okay maybe not ALWAYS but that is my intent (on my best days and when I am in a good mood.) Anyway, I had just cleaned the house when my men returned from a summer morning fishing trip! I had lunch all prepared and was ready to set the table on a fresh table cloth when my husband walked into the kitchen and put not only his fishing pole and gear but his just returned from the gross lake shows on top of my table! Well I was livid but you won’t believe what happens next! See below!

My husband leaves his fishing shoes right on the table!

Here the guys are in the kitchen cleaning the fish after their fun morning out!

Early summer morning fishing success!

Power Mom thoughts . . . Ugh fish in my kitchen

So, again here is where my husband left his fishing pole, shoes and wallet. Nice huh? Right on the table. So, when goes upstairs to wash up for lunch I decide I could yell and scream or simply just put his lunch next to his gear! I think hey why not try being subtle . . .

So I put his eFoods Pasta lunch right next to his fishing gear!

Watch what happens when I call him to eat lunch see what he does with his shoes when he sits down for lunch!

Wow, he loves eFoods so much he doesn’t even notice he left his gross shoes and fishing gear on the table!!! Whatever! Anyway, such is life right? So, here is my plea for moms to unite! Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Power Mom on eFoods Global Day 4! My son makes dinner!


The Feeding and Funding Mission Begins! My 11 year old makes dinner! Day 4

“We just don’t do it for them. We teach them the process. What we do, in essence, is teach people to fish.”

Merrick proudly displays his first-ever dinner made himself -- and with eFoods cheesy potato soup!

My mission is to share healthy ways to help moms feed and fund their families in all economic circumstances. Today I am going to teach my son to cook. What is there is a crisis? An emergency? What if something happens to me and my kids are hungry! I am going to teach him now.

Support the Power Mom Food Fund Freedom Tour here!

So to test if this was really easy to make eFoods Global, I had my 11 year old son Merrick make our first eFoods meal! He picked the dinner out of the box and did it on his own while I videoed it! He’s a bit of a ham but see what you think!

Support the Power Mom Food Fund Freedom Tour here!

Dear Crissy

Feeding and Funding Families from Kitchen to Kitchen


The Power Mom Feeding and Funding Mission Begins from the Kitchen . . .

“Let us do our duty in our shop or kitchen; in the market, the street, the office, the school, the home, just as faithfully as if we stood in the front rank of some great battle, and knew that victory for mankind depended on our bravery, strength, and skill.” Theodore Parker

My name is Kim Power Stilson. I am going to wage battle for my family in the kitchen. I am not a good cook but I like to have family dinners round the table. I am married to a policeman, and although he is very handsome I find it hard to feed and fund our family on his salary. Don’t get me wrong, we’re happy to have his salary but for me after having worked for 17 years to help support our family working out of the home, I am now, for the first time ever, going to try something different! I am going try staying at home to work, with my kids, and support my family from the kitchen!

Support the Power Mom Food Fund Freedom Tour here!

Now having always worked I have not had time to cook. In fact, I do most of our cooking from a slow cooker. (You may have heard of my 2 minute or less recipes which in fact are fast and really quite good, see tab for your copy.) So after recent changes in my life (see my last post) I have decided it to make my focus to share healthy ways to help moms feed and fund their families in all economic circumstances from the kitchen.

Today I am starting the Power Mom Food Fund. My goal is to feed and fund my family and other families from home by sharing ways to (as my good friend Donna Root always says) keep everyone eating and sleeping indoors. From kitchen to kitchen, I hope to share the food news to other moms!

Learn more about preparing to feed your family and take the Freedom Tour here!

By trade I am an eMedia Strategist, I host the “Health Wealth & Everything Else!” radio show and have written several guides. For more about me click here. I have been successful yet I feel like it is time I make a difference by proving that serving, saving and sharing mission of the eFoods Global company. I am choosing them because I like what they do, I like their mission and it seems like a great time to focus on finding a solution for moms and families like me who struggle a little to keep their families funded and fed. Can a business mom who has never really spent more than a few minutes in the kitchen do this? I am going to do everything I can and with my families help I hope we shall be successful!

Harry Truman said,

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Well, I’ll take that challenge!

Before I order eFoods Global meals for my family to serve, share and save! (I like the ring of that!) I need to check them out! Tomorrow I go to the eFoods Global Warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah!

For your family’s “free meals” (shipping only)take the Power Mom Food Fund Freedom Tour here!

Feeding and Funding families from the Kitchen!! Power Mom, Kim Power Stilson

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson