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I like Steve Shenk’s new book It’s Not Your Fault! Just saying . . .


Ready to live a charmed life? Looking for a great book that gives you a fresh direction and courage to reach your goals? I like this new book by successful entrepreneur Steve Shenk that is flying off the shelves with gusto! 🙂

I read the advance reader copy in May and hope to have him on my talk radio show soon! I tell you it is worth the read as it may lead you to a more charmed life!

Here is a little about the book:

It’s Not Your Fault by Steve Shenk is a compilation of wisdom gained from his years of experience with people and relationships which shares the secrets of prosperity, success, and the great life.

It’s Not Your Fault illustrates a series of interactions between Michael, who is a personification of everyman, and The Guardian, who represents the Wisdom of the Ages. The Guardian guides Michael through the secrets to finding wealth, abundance, prosperity, and independence.

It’s Not Your Fault and its companion piece My Book of Life allows you to journal daily goals and gratitude’s. This book is available at www.steveshenk.com
Its Not Your Fault book by Steve Shenk