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GO Cruise great success!


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“It is exciting to reward so many families who are giving so much to help others. GOFoods teaches American families to serve, save and share food to help themselves and others,” said Brad Stewart, President of GOFoods Global. “Every 10 meals shared result in 1 meal being giving to local food banks. Whether you have a family to feed or a great cause to champion you can help people eat and raise funds with our healthy, nutritious GoFoods Global food meals.”

GOFoods Global guests will enjoy a 5-day Carnival cruise which goes from one sunny tropical isle to another in the glittering turquoise seas of the Western Caribbean. Families who have worked hard to share the message of easy-to-fix, healthy, meals will enjoy 5 days of swimming, snorkeling, and strolling pearly white-sand beaches and romantic nights beneath the twinkle of clear, starry skies at locations including Key West, FL, Grand Cayman Islands, and Ochos Rios, Jamaica.

Families have found that GoFoods meals can help save them time and money, especially in today’s difficult economy. Because food is a product that everyone needs, GOFoods uniquely offers clean, healthy, easy-to-make gourmet meals that come in portable pouches helpful to a variety of lifestyles—busy college students needing a faster nutritious meal, mothers looking for a quick dinner option that doesn’t involve fast food, families wanting to purchase long-term storable reserves for the future. GOFoods allows everyone to take control of their future and feed their freedom, physically and financially.

About GOFoods Global:
GOFoods’ mission is to feed and prosper the world by serving, saving and sharing relevant, easy-to-prepare meals and beverages for on-the-go-lifestyles that encourage people to eat nutritiously and spend time together, while enjoying natural mouth-watering meals that taste as good today as they will in 25 years. Founded by nationally known and 30-year-food-reserve veterans Steve Shenk and Barbara Rossberg the Utah company provides natural, cleaner ingredients that change the way people look at extended shelf-life and daily use food in the twenty-first century. Learn more at http://www.gofoodsglobal.com.

The qualification period for this year’s cruise ended on June 30, 2012. If you didn’t qualify to join us this year, don’t worry – GO Cruise II is already in the works for next year and we will let you know the details soon.