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Western Art Rodeo Event at Sundance


Sonny Olsen, Kim Power Stilson and Jeff Wolf -- WARA founder

Western Art Rodeo Event Debuts at Sundance Resort in Utah
Heideman, McKay, Heugly and Olsen Law Firm Support World’s First Organized Sport Event Featuring Western Art

Sundance, UT – April 27, 2011– Today, the law firm of Heideman, McKay, Heugly & Olsen (HMHO) announced their firm is pleased to sponsor the world’s first organized sport event featuring western art. The event is being organized under the aegis of the Western Art Rodeo Association (WARA) and will be held at the Sundance Resort in Utah on April 29th and 30th. The first art rodeo will feature western artists, including sculptors, oil painters, dry medium artists, photographers and carvers and is open to all artists, art enthusiasts, art collectors and the general public.

As a western rodeo fan, Sonny Olsen, HMHO Law partner and host of the Health, Wealth & Everything Else! Global eMedia talk show will join his radio co-hosts Kim Power Stilson and Diamond Donna Root as master of ceremonies for the art rodeo event.

“The Western Art Rodeo is an entirely new concept being introduced to the western art industry,” said Sonny Olsen. “This week we will be introducing the world to an art show, combined with a live competition. Each artist will receive a contestant number to be worn, and a corresponding number to be placed on their piece. Artists must be ready to compete as their number is called just like a Western Rodeo.”

According to Jeff Wolf, renowned western sculptor and Western Art Rodeo Association founder, and Russ Larsen, WARA CEO, the Western Art Rodeo Association concept promotes artistic excellence and improvement through competition.

“As western artists, our mission is to revive a struggling art industry that is ready for change. We hope as the consumer becomes educated, western art will be recognized for its quality and collectability,” said Jeff Wolf, western art sculptor and WARA founder. “We like to thank the Heideman, McKay, Heugly and Olsen Law Firm for supporting the World’s First Organized Sport Event Featuring Western art.”

According to Russ Larsen, Western Art Rodeo Association CEO, rodeo-style Art Competition will enhance and sharpen the artists skill set through live judging and audience participation.

“We hope the rodeo excitement and entertainment will fuel public interest, educate the public in western art and increase the desire of artists to become experts in their disciplines,” said Russ Larsen. “Rodeo and art lovers are invited to join us Friday and Saturday at Sundance to experience the world’s first Western Art Rodeo. This is the debut of the World’s First Sport featuring Art.”

Discount tickets are now available for advance online purchase. For all the event details, please visit the Western Art Rodeo Association’s website.
In true rodeo format, each sanctioned art rodeo may vary in competition format. This means that the rodeo may consist of one or more individual rounds of competition, and may include a final round where the overall champions are crowned. A round of competition is simply where the artist competes with one or more pieces of art to win prize money and a chance to advance to the final round of competition. All rounds will have placements and all placements will be awarded prize money.

The Western Art Rodeo Association (WARA) is a grass roots movement that seeks to change the traditional and obsolete methods of promoting and marketing western art. The Western Art Rodeo Association is introducing new and innovative concepts that will revive interest in western art by implementing cutting edge strategies for marketing artwork. These concepts will add excitement, education, and entertainment to a struggling market. The world’s first art sport event will attract product and service vendors catering directly to the art sport and the competitors. This organization is designed to bring the industry together as a whole, for the betterment of all western artists. For more information, please visit http://www.westernartrodeoassociation.com.

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