Can I make my life better in time for my 30 year high school reunion?


So, a year ago my Daddy died . . . it wasn’t fun to watch him go and life just wasn’t quite the same this last year without him. Not only did I miss him but I started to gain weight . . . with my two weekly radio shows (TalkWorthy on SiriusXM 143) and Healthy Wealthy Wow Surthrival! on 1480 AM and Utah Valley Live . . . along with my eMedia clients I just didn’t take time to care for myself like I should have.

Since Dad has died I have started promoting a reserve food business (GOFoods) and an organic food business (Green PolkaDot Box) and written a book called Choose Surthrival! out in May! They call me the Power Mom but why don’t I feel so powerful . . . in fact I want a nap nearly every day!

So, with so many fabulous things going on in my life (finally) I just haven’t felt that great health wise . . . I told this to my friend, Cori Dyer of the Make Life Better Foundation and she suggested I try the Make Life Better Transformation while we were at the Kids Choice Awards in March. I really stewed about that. Do I really have time to do an entire transformation? Was it really even possible?

Cori Dyer and Kim Power Stilson hosting at a fund raising event!

Then . . . the news hit. My high school friend, Arlene Inbody Ericson, posted a note to me on Facebook asking if I was going to our 30 year high school reunion?

At first all I could think was . . . I have a daughter who just turned 18 and now I have a 30 year class reunion? And, then I started thinking about the 15 or so pounds I have gained since my Dad died . . . and then I looked at the calendar . . 12/13 weeks? Could I do it? Then I thought of the Make Life Better Foundation and their Transformation offer and I called Cori.

Now I have 12 weeks and a goal to make my life better in time for my 30 year class reunion. And, by the way my book will be out about that time . . . can I really make a transformation happen . . . we will see . . .

Katie from the Make Life Better Foundation called me today and said I would have a weekly coach and some of their products to start with . . . so tomorrow I will start Week 1 Day 1 of my quest to Make My Life Better by my high school reunion . . . please join me on the journey . . . I am going to need your help . . . Kim Power Stilson Go class of 1982!!!!

La Mirada/Neff Class of 1982

Kim Power Stilson

Here is what I know about the Make Life Better Transformation!

Are you one of over 200 million North Americans who are overweight, diabetic, or prediabetic? Have you tried every diet that comes along, hoping it will help you achieve the level of health, well-being, and appearance you desire? Are you looking for a legitimate method to achieve a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, your search has ended. Unicity Sciences has introduced the Make Life Better Transformation. Unicity Sciences, a leader in health sciences for more than 100 years, has developed a revolutionary experience that will transform you for the rest of your life.

The Make Life Better Transformation is a custom lifestyle shift for anyone wanting to take charge of the state of their health and overall well-being.

The Transformation experience is designed to help you achieve results while greatly increasing your ability to maintain these successes throughout your life. To achieve this objective, your Transformation will evolve over a 12-week period. Important principles will be introduced at each step in the process—designed to help you move on to the next level. Results will come as you implement each principle and then incorporate it into your daily routine.

To learn more about the Make Life Better Transformation, read about the science behind the experience, familiarize yourself with the role of your personal coach, and listen to the many success stories included on this site.


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