Bluebird Sister Supports Basketball Tournament Sponsored by Green PolkaDot Box


Power Mom Supports Sports and Nutrition Fund Raiser sponsored by the Green PolkaDot Box!

Power Mom's family comes to support the event to raise funds for youth athletics!

Power Mom's daughters work the event and play in the tournament!

Green PolkaDot Box and AMP Athletics program shares sports and nutrition message with families at fund-raising event for children who can’t afford to participate in athletic events. The Green PolkaDot Box, a new online buying collective membership that gives families affordable access to healthy foods, provided two teams and healthy snack options at the AMP Athletics 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Fund Raiser.

Green PolkaDot Box Basketball team shoots and scores.

The Green PolkaDot Box team on the move fueled by organic snacks!

Rod A. Smith, founder of The Green PolkaDot Box™ (GPDB) was pleased to provide a sports and nutrition message along with healthy snacks and one adult and one youth basketball team to help support the AMP Athletics “3 on 3 Basketball” fund-raising tournament. The Green PolkaDot Box, a new online “buying collective” membership club, provides families with affordable access to healthy, natural and clean foods and products from their organic products warehouse in Spanish Fork, Utah. AMP Athletics is a non-profit corporation founded to provide opportunities for children who have the desire to participate in athletics but are limited because of finances. GPDB shared healthy and delicious snack options at the AMP Athletics 60-team basketball fund-raising tournament at the Salem Hills High School, located near The Green PolkaDot Box organic food warehouse in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Green PolkaDot Box sends teams and healthy snacks to support fund raiser for youth athletics and to raise awareness forsports nutrition!

The Green PolkaDot Box, newly launched in December, is a national company based in Utah, was honored to provide healthy snack options for 600 athletes and their families. Organic Snacks options being offered at the fund raising basketball tournament included dried fruit, coconut water and gluten-free, organic snacks. The Green PolkaDot Box also sponsored two basketball teams, a company team and the only all girls youth team entered in the tournament.

The Green PolkaDot Box Basketball Teams!

The Green PolkaDot Box offers healthy snacks for optimum sports nutrition.

GPDB founder, Rod A. Smith, says that with 41 million American kids playing competitive sports it makes sense that 78 percent of U.S. families – more than ever before –are starting to include some organic foods in their diets, according to CNN and a study recently published by the Organic Trade Association.

“American families who want to eat well and live well are often limited by lack of affordable resources,” says Rod A. Smith. “The Green PolkaDot Box gives members access to clean, organic foods at up to a 60 percent savings, making it more affordable than ever for families to invest in sports-nutrition based eating habits. AMP Athletics helps fund children who want to participate in sports. Together, we hope to educate children and their parents who love sports, about healthy food options that afford them the opportunity to play healthier!”

Green PolkaDot Box sends teams and healthy snacks to support fund raiser for youth athletics and to raise awareness forsports nutrition!

The Green PolkaDot Box "Green Girls" basketball team!

According to Ryan Bowler, many parents in the United States cannot afford to pay for school lunch let alone to pay for their kids to play sports. He says 38 percent of students, over 215,000 children in Utah alone, are receiving free and reduced school meals. Ryan and his wife Amanda founded AMP Athletics to help families with the additional costs associated with sports so more families would have the opportunity to sign their kids up for the sports and activities they love. The AMP Athletics “3 on 3 Basketball Tournament” fund raiser model is their way of helping children while involving people and sponsors in the sports they love.

“AMP Athletics wants to make sports programs affordable to all children who have an interest,” says Ryan Bowler, AMP Athletics founder. “We are pleased that The Green PolkaDot Box would join us to share an affordable sports and health message which will help all families support our youth in living healthy and active lifestyles.”

Youth Basketball team enjoys healthy snacks from the Green PolkaDot Box at the AMP Athletics fund raiser!

AMP Athletics believes kids can learn discipline, hard work, communication, positive conflict resolution, and other life skills through sports that they may not learn by sitting around at home. AMP Athletics believes when children are denied the opportunities to get involved in sports due to lack of finances they miss out on life skills they learn that help prepare them to lead productive lives. Their goal is to AMPlify the lives of underprivileged children by enabling them to participate in sports facilitating their physical, emotional, and social development.

The Green PolkaDot Box "Green Girls" basketball team plays well!

Green Girls check on tournament scores while drinking coconut water provided by the Green PolkaDot Box!

Rod A. Smith and his family created The Green PolkaDot Box online buying club as a result of their efforts to eat better, after being faced with a diet-related health issue. Their goal to find affordable, organic, and non-Genetically Modified Organism products led to the formation of The Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB) which now provides affordable organic and clean foods and products directly to the homes of their rapidly growing membership of over 12,000 families nationwide.

AMP Athletics 3 on 3 Basketball tournament raises funds for youth athletics

About the Green PolkaDot Box™ an online “buying collective” membership club that provides the lowest pricing on organic, natural and other healthy food products through partnerships that obtain the best pricing from manufacturers and growers and deliver directly to consumers in any Zip Code. A family business, founded by Rod A. Smith, the Green PolkaDot Box does not carry any products that contain harmful ingredients, including foods that are known to be genetically modified. The GPDB annual membership program includes both “club” and “reward” memberships; the latter offering a referral rewards program to help consumers earn their healthy food purchases. Both membership types feature a FREE delivery option on purchases over $150. Learn how the GPDB referral rewards program helps consumers earn their healthy food purchases. http://

Fans drink coconut water from the Green PolkaDot Box snack stand

GPDB team members drink coconut water to stay hydrated between tournament games.


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