Power Mom’s Green PolkaDot Box Adventure!


Hi, I am Kim Power Stilson, Power Mom! My goal this year is to help my family eat more healthy! So . . . drumroll please . . . we are going Organic! My Power Mom goal is to also help feed and fund families well from their homes and their kitchens! Lately we have all heard a lot about eating healthy, clean foods from the Green PolkaDot Box! The Green PolkaDot Box is an online buying membership club that gives cost-conscious families a reduction in cost for their favorite organic food items! As a radio host and sneaky yet savvy mom, I invited myself to the newly launched GPDB Organics Products Warehouse to ask some questions and to watch them process my very first family order. It was fun . . . see the photos below!

If you would like to get your own family membership to the Green PolkaDot Box please visit wwww.greenpolkadotbox.com/powermom.

Power Mom Makes her first Green PolkaDot Box Order!

Power Mom's entire family is there for the event!

Power Mom's husband, Chad, makes sure to get his favorite products on the list!

Sariah Smith explains the GPDB concept to Power Mom's Mom Joanne!

Power Mom watches as her GPDB rolls off to be filled at the Green PolkaDot Box Warehouse!

Power Mom's daughter Maddy assists!

The Legendary Member Services Warehouse team makes sure to get the right products!

Love this cleaning spray!

Next, the GPDB Legendary Member Services Warehouse Team checks the order.

Power Mom's GPDB order is given the thumbs up!

Power Mom's GPDB Box is filled with family favorites!

Power Mom's products are packed by happy GPDB Legendary Member Service team!

Power Mom's GPDB box is assembled and beautifully packaged!

Power Mom is happy to see her box rolling down the line!

Power Mom happy to have her box full of clean food products at up to 60% off!

Chad puts the box in the trunk! No shipping this time! Look at those great windmills near the GPDB Warehouse too!

Power Mom's son loves the hill outisde the GPDB Organic Products warehouse!

To see what my family does when they open the box at home please watch for the next post! In the meantime, get your very own Green PolkaDot Box membership at www.greenpolkadotbox.com/powermom.


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