Talk About “Trauma Therapy with Acupuncture: The NADA protocol on Healing Talk Radio Hosted by Diana Hoffman


Diana Hoffman, founder of the Lightspring Counseling Center

Salem, UT – November 011 – Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network today announced that Diana Hoffman, Trauma Recovery Specialist, owner of Lightspring Counseling Center and host of “Healing Talk” radio show, will be joined by Nina Isaacson, Master of Oriental Medicine in a discussion of “Trauma therapy with Acupuncture: The NADA protocol”

The idea that poking someone with needles could relieve stress and trauma symptoms appears rather surprising to most of us, unless the fundamental principles behind this unusual PTSD treatment are understood.
Recent brain imaging and neuroscience research indicates that anxiety conditions and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are created when fear-housing neurons in the deep brain link together and form neural networks. These networks become more and more extensive as traumatic experiences accumulate. As the networks grow, trauma responses are more easily triggered and are progressively more intense and painful.

These neural networks of fear and anxiety cannot be destroyed, but they can be neutralized if they are linked to neural networks of calming and soothing experiences, particularly calming sensations–as sensation is the primary “language” of the part of the deep brain that houses traumatic associations.

Acupuncture tends to produce feelings of deep relaxation and well-being–in part because many acupuncture points specifically trigger the release of endorphins. Thus acupuncture becomes a soothing experience and, when repeated can build a neural network that neutralizes traumatic associations.

Although this theory and insight about trauma treatment is very new, this approach to successfully trauma treatment with acupuncture has been going on for over thirty years. The most well-known and widely used technique for trauma is the technique advanced by the National Acupuncture detoxification Association (NADA).
The NADA protocol is a very efficient, inexpensive PTSD treatment that involves placing needles in five acupuncture points in the ears. The procure is quick, can be done in a chair, and the client can remain fully clothed.

The NADA protocol was first developed in the 1970s at Lincoln Hospital in New York City by Dr. Michael Smith. It was designed originally as a drug detoxification program. The protocol was based on the understanding that anxiety and PTSD treatment is fundamental to successful addiction treatment.

Research on Veterans using the NADA protocol demonstrates that the protocol reduces pain, decreases stress, improves sleep, reduces anxiety and irritability, and diminishes hypervigilance, flashbacks and nightmares.
Join us on Saturday November 12 as acupuncturist Nina Isaacson joins us to explore the research and applications of the NADA protocol for PTSD treatment on Healing Talk Radio. This program will stream at 9 am Mountain Time and will replay three times daily for a week on Planetary Streams Talk Radio, Web Campus World Wide Radio and Shoutcast.

About “Healing Talk” Talk Radio Show: The Healing Talk Radio Show explores the best of current research in emotional and relationship healing. Hosted by Diana Hoffman, Licensed Professional Counselor and Trauma Recovery Specialist in Salem, Utah. Listen every Saturday at 9 a.m. on Planetary Streams Talk Radio. Listen to internet replay daily at 9 am, 5 pm and 2 am Mountain Time on, and Contact: or visit the website,


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