Diamond Donna Root helps 300 small business owners how to Thrive in the New Economy.


Diamond Donna Root

Executive coach, speaker, peak performance consultant and author of Getting Past You, Diamond Donna Root, reaches out to raise the socioeconomic status of a million homes by teaching Thriving in the New Economy tools to small business owners.

Salt Lake City, UT – October 2011 — Diamond Donna Root, founder and CEO of Getting Past You, today announced her Thriving in the New Economy coaching and consulting was successfully presented to 300+ small business owners at the Grand America Hotel Ballroom in Salt Lake City, Utah this week.

300+ small business owners from all over the nation gathered Friday and Saturday to learn the keys to building success from one of the country’s leading authorities on business development, corporate alignment and peak performance. Diamond Donna Root was honored to speak about how to be proactive in spite of the current economic crisis.

“Having the ability to be proactive to the major shifts in business can give owners a huge competitive edge,” said Diamond Donna Root. “The corporate landscape has shifted and there are tools that most small business owners are either not aware of or are not using to help execute major growth in this economy. I invite them to try my Thriving in the New Economy program.”

The Thriving in the New Economy Training teaches corporate alignment. The creation of a culture that has the ability to execute effectively is imperative for small business today. Diamond Donna Root teaches that understanding the shifts and being proactive with technology and the resources available makes a huge difference to the profitability and bottom line for small business owner.

“Usually the biggest hurdle is getting the executive team to see that although they have goals that are measurable and actionable, they are often not meaningful, relevant or aligned to the current global trends,” said Diamond Donna Root. “Simple alignment on an executive level, a focus of my coaching program, shifts everything for a company.”

Donna Root’s Thriving in the New Economy program teaches people the skill sets they need to start over with the emotional, mental and spiritual mindset they need to shift and thrive in this new economy. This program will help people suffering and in emotional crisis; depression, anxiety and stress, due to the economic shifts that are wreak havoc on our families. People are in survival mode they do not need to be motivated today, the time for motivation has passed, what is required today is transformation, people need a system to follow a roadmap to help them recreate themselves and that is best done through the personal empowerment skills taught by Diamond Donna Root for over 15years.

“Reinventing yourself and re-framing your life at any age is difficult but millions of American are being forced to address these issues just to keep living and eating indoors,” said Diamond Donna Root. “It is time to do a transformational makeover in your life. That is what Thriving in the New Economy seminar and workshop does. It gets you dialed in for transforming your life in every area of your life and when you can do that, you find relief. A life by design, not by default, is a beautiful life.”
You can find out more information about the Thriving in the New Economy Program at http://www.gettingpastyou.com.

Diamond Donna Root founder of the Diamonds by Donna is known as “Diamond Donna” as much for her sparkling personality as for her innovative leadership as an entrepreneur. As an author, lecturer, speaker, lifestyle consultant and talk show host, Donna shares her message about achieving transformational growth in her Thriving in the New Economy training. For more information about Donna Root, please visit http://www.donnaroot.com or http://www.gettingpastyou.com.


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