HWE Talk Radio Show Celebrates Pioneer Day in the Fiesta Days Parade!


Kim and Sonny hosting the Pioneer parade!

HWE Talk! Rolling Radio Parade Float!

HWE talk show Kids love being in parades!

HWE group in parade prep mode!

Sonny checks mics!

Sonny does a little work while waiting for parade to start!

Not all kid are quite sure they want to be in the parade!

Olsen family pre-parade huddle!

Robarge Collision kindly provides the HWE parade truck!

HWE Radio tshirts and banners!

Sonny gets crowd going when child sings Proud to be an American during rolling parage radio show!

Sonny Olsen share Spanish Fork stats live on rolling radio

Parade kids get in the spirit of Pioneer Day!

Sonny gets the spanish fork parade crowd cheering

HMHO Law sponsors the HWE Talk rolling radio show for the Parade!

Angella Joy joins HWE to pitch the upcoming Utah County Fair hosted by HWE talk show

What a talented HWE team!

HWE Talk Radio Pioneer Day Parade Crowd!

HWE Talk rolling radio on parade route!

HWE Producer Tony Jewkes enjoys the crowd

Spanish Fork Fiesta Day Parade Crowd tops 30,000


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