Power Mom Day 11 Dinner in a Disaster!


I sent the kids round door to door with yummy cheesy potato soup to invite folks to our first “Dinner in a Disaster!” Emergency Family Food Series! We had our eFoods Global dinner last night with lovely friends and neighbors! (Last week it was Pancakes in a panic!) Everyone liked what they ate and we had a great time talking about ways to give the peace of mind of Storable gourmet food as gifts to love ones! It’s nice to know everyone is safely and deliciously fed in any crisis!

Watch these quick videos to hear what Elaine and Vern thought of their first eFoods Global dinner!

And now see what her husband Vern had to say!

Come to the dinner or join us online at www.powermom.co or to get free samples—www.powermom.myefoods.com


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