Power Mom Day 8! Door to Door with Pancakes and Peacocks


Practice Pancakes for Saturday's Pancakes in a Panic tasting by Merrick!

Yesterday the kids and I, after making up eFoods soup and corn bread muffin samples, went door to door among our neighbors to invited them to Merrick’s “Pancakes in a Panic!” eFoods tasting class.
We passed out flyers with this title “Pancakes in a Panic! Emergency Family Food Series!” That is the name of the first tasting class for our new family business the “Power Mom Food Fund” We were kind of nervous to go door to door — seemed old fashioned for an eMedia guru like myself — but we did it and it was fun. Maddy was a natural! Merrick was a clown! McKall was not as shy as usual and Chad and I well we were shy but we did our best too! Here is the thing . . . people were really really nice to us. They asked us questions about our new family business and how we were doing and generally said they’d take a look at what we offered. Everyone seemed to like the free samples that the kids had made up! The bonus was that we saw a peacock running around in the wild!

We made up samples of eFoods soups -- cheesy brocoli and pasta!

Maddy puts a garnish on our soup samples!

McKall stacks the eFoods corn muffins she has cooked on the plates!

Merrick cooks up eFoods Brocoli Cheddar soup

McKall shows off the flyer we made for our new family business!

Maddy loads the basket of eFoods corn muffins!

Power Mom holding tray while Power Dad Chad prepares to drive us around!

Maddy snaps a shot of a wild peacock! In Woodland Hills? Must be a lucky sign!

Does your family have food storage that’s easy for kids to make in any crisis?
Join us to learn about healthy, easy to use food storage meals for families!
Join us to eat & to learn about food that will help the families you love get prepared for any crisis!

“Pancakes in a Panic!” by Merrick Stilson
Saturday Morning, July 16th 8-9 am

“Dinner Emergencies”
By Kim Power Stilson
Thursday, July 21st 7-8 pm!

“Crisis Comfort Food” Maddy & McKall
Tuesday August 2nd 7-8 pm!

“Policeman’s Preparedness Picnic” by Chad
Tuesday, August 9th 7-8 pm!
*Watch Classes online at www.powermom.co

Merrick mixing up eFoods pancakes!

Merrick practicing for his big Pancakes in a Panic tasting class on Saturday!

Dear friend — As a family we started the “Power Mom Food Fund” to help fund and feed all families by sharing food, teaching kids preparedness for any emergency or crisis & donating food to families in need — all while keeping moms at home with kids!

Please consider our delicious, healthy and easy to serve eFoods Global food storage for your family!
You can help families you love earn their food storage by sharing our Emergency Food message.
Our easy to eat meals make a thoughtful Christmas Gifts Your business can help sponsor families to get the food they need free! For free meals to try go to www.powermom.myefoods.com!
Come to the classes, call to order 801-358-3649 or visit www.powermom.co for more information! Thank You! Stilson Family

Please join us in feeding and funding our families from the kitchen! Just check out this quick video of why we are doing this here or please get your free food samples (shipping only) here Food Freedom Tour

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson


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