Power Mom Day 6! Fast food on my door step!


Today the girls were away at camp and I could not decide what to make for lunch or for that matter what to make for dinner! My husband was working night shift (as cops seem to love to do) and so it was just me and my son! We noticed the eFoods Global food storage had arrived on the door step so we set to work opening it and then my son pulled a package from the box and made lunch and then we ate the leftovers for dinner! eFoods Global is perfect for the Power Mom Food Fund mission because I can have my food storage and teach my kids how to use it now. The food is tasty, gluten and hydrogenated oil free and well it is better for you than fast food! Much much much better! You can add water and eat straight from the pouch or you can add your own array of spices and veggies to taste. I like it because it saves my on my monthly food bill too! I can’t even tell you how nice it is to have my kids offer to make dinner with eFoods nightly! Please join us on our quest to fund food into the homes of families — please take this Free Food (Food Freedom Tour) and get 12 free meals for the price of shipping.

See my photo below and watch the video on this link

eFoods Global first month of food arrives! Yay Power Mom Food Fund

Power Mom son (he loves being called that) Merrick opens box!

eFoods meals come very well packaged!

eFoods Flier holds Merrick's interest for like 2 seconds!

Merrick pulls out Cheddar Brocoli soup from eFoods

In 2o minutes we have a yummy home cooked lunch from food storage! Yay eFoods Global!

Power Mom Food Fund Founder -- Kim Power Stilson


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