Healing Horses, Hidden Jewels and Miracle Molecules on the Health Wealth & Everything Else! Global eMedia Talk Show sponsored by HMHO Law


Kim trys to explain the good taste of coconut milk to Sonny. Will he buy it?

Kim has Sonny try his first glass of Coconut on HWE Talk!

Sonny Olsen trys healthy Flax seeds on HWE Talk!

This Week!Health, Wealth and Everything Else! global eMedia talk show hosts Power and Sunshine, Kim Power Stilson and Sonny Olsen, today announce guests Tami Tanner of Hoofbeats to Healing, Kristen Lamb of Jewelable and Jon Norton of ASEA this week. Listen on www.HWEtalk.com.

Hoofbeats to Healing on HWE Talk

Health, Wealth & Everything Else! (HWE Talk!) hosted by Power & Sunshine, and sponsored by HMHO Law is a daily eMedia Talk TV & Radio Show that shares solutions with the world’s largest consumer group. You can listen and watch live weekly at http://www.HWEStudio.com or to the daily streams at http://www.planetarystreams.com. HWE’s mission is to expose others to new ideas in a savvy infoedutainment (information, education & entertainment) format featuring products, solutions and services. This week on HWE Talk:

Hoofbeats to Healing volunteer

11:00 am (Mountain Time) Join Tami Tanner as she introduces Hoofbeats to Healing, a program dedicated to providing therapeutic horseback riding to families with special needs. Using an effective natural approach to therapeutic horseback riding via Missouri Fox Trotter horses, Hoofbeats to Healing is based on the theory of Cross hemispheric integration, which is if a child didn’t crawl correctly their brain may not be mapped correctly. For more information www.hoofbeats.us

Kristen Lamb of Jewelable

12 Noon (Mountain Time) Meet Jewelable by J’aiBelle founder Kristen Lamb as she shares the story of how she and her daughter Laricia Lamb discovered more fun to life than just being mother-daughter by creating Jewelable. The Customizable Jewelry Organizer is just another example of her creativity and passion for bringing beautiful design and organization into the homes of men and women all over the world. www.jewelable.com

Kim Power Stilson and Kristen Lamb of Jewelable

1:00 pm (Mountain Time) Listen to the amazing story of the ASEA product that is helpful to oxidative stress shared by Jon Norton of ASEA. Jon has worked in financial management for IBM for the last 23 years, he has studied molecular biology and the emerging field of redox signaling quite extensively over the last few years. He works for the company that now owns the product talked about because he knows how important the product is to every living soul, he feels a deep obligation to share the story of how the founders came across the discovery and how the molecules work in the body. www.teamasea.com/callcenter

Jon Norton of ASEA on HWE Talk

Regular Weekly HWE Talk!segments favorite with listeners are also featured this week and include: This Week in World History, 2 Minute or Less recipes, Shoot it to me straight!, Strange Laws, Magnetic Giving, and the eMedia Minute.


Thanks to the HWE! Talk show sponsors Heideman, McKay, Heugly and Olsen and Power Strategies theHWE! eMedia show airs live every week from a studio is located at 397 N. Main Street in Spanish Fork, Utah, USA. Through the combination of its CoVideo and terrestrial radio platforms HWE! streams and broadcasts daily to over a million syndicated listeners in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico including; Planetary Streams, WcWW, SHOUTcast, and SQR.FM. You can find more information about the HWE! Hosts, sponsors and syndicate stations at www.HWETalk.com.

About HWE Talk! Sponsors:

Heideman, McKay, Heugly and Olsen, L.L.C. is a prominent civil litigation law firm with experience in a broad range of cases involving torts and dispute resolution. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and work deliberately toward finding the right solution that will help our clients avoid a costly trial. For more information please visit www.hmho-law.com.

Power Strategies, Inc. is an eMedia Strategy and PR firm and home of the “Do you have an eMedia Megaphone?” book and the eMedia for Your Business featured on WcWW Campus training site. Power Strategies, provides 21st Century Tools for small business owners who want to make money on the Internet. www.powerstrategies.TV


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