The Power of Making Your Own Money!


Question 1:  What do you want? The Power of Making Your Own Money!

Kim Power Stilson and Diamond Donna Root at the Oscars

“Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money.”                                  W. J. Cameron

What is it you really want?  Is it power, fame, money, love, or peace on Earth? Is it all of the above?

I start my eMedia business training courses with those questions.  I am rarely surprised by the answers until I ask an audience to get more specific and a little more basic.  I then ask, “If you had all the above covered and were just thinking about yourself, what would you really want to buy?”  It’s those answers that always surprise me.

Once in front of a large group of grad students I asked the next question.

“Let’s say you had an extra $60,000.  Even better let’s say all your basic bills and necessities were taken care of, you have everything you and your family could ever need and you had an extra $60,000 to buy something “special” you, yourself, really wanted. How would you spend your money?  Be honest and not especially altruistic here, it is important! What would you buy? ”

Some people shouted out the names of various sport cars and dream vacations.  Some shouted out that they would purchase helpful gifts for family members.  Some of the students said they would put it in the bank for marriage or their first house.  Some students remained silent.   I always found it surprising that some people had never ever thought of having more money than they needed to survive.  Some people didn’t have dreams beyond the next day, the next dollar, the leg of survival. To some of them the idea that there could be an extra $60,000 was a gift from life in itself.  The possibility that there was abundance for some reason was a foreign concept and I could almost see the birth of a new world of hope roll into their expressions.

Most business people are united by their belief that abundance applies to them.  The most successful business people believe abundance comes from what they create, provide, and offer.

Please answer the First Question, “What do you really want?” in Assignment #1 in your eMedia Megaphone Workbook to find out what you believe about the power of making your own money!


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