White Cultured Diamonds Make eco-friendly Jewelry possible


Diamonds by Donna Celebrates Earth Week & Eco-friendly Diamonds White, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink & Red Cultured Diamonds at a Brilliant Price

“Environmentally aware people from all over the world are telling us that what we are doing for diamonds is similar to what Mikimoto did for the pearl industry with cultured pearls,” said Diamond Donna Root, founder of Diamonds by Donna. “We are helping to preserve Mother Earth while helping people feel great about wearing the authentic energy and timeless beauty of diamonds.”

Diamonds by Donna Earth Day Event Features Cultured Diamonds that Help Preserve the Environment

Diamonds by Donna Earth Day ring

Diamond Donna Root and Diamonds by Donna partner Jon R. Moss announced that they will officially launch their new line of eco-friendly, conflict-free diamonds during International Mother Earth Week on KSL’s Studio 5 this week. Diamonds by Donna, the only company that features eco-friendly, conflict-free cultured diamond jewelry, will add their voice to the Earth Day Network’s 2011 Billion Acts of Green Campaign during an event this week where they will showcase diamonds that help preserve the environment, diamonds grown from diamond seeds.

“Communities around the globe inspired awareness and appreciation for the environment by showcasing their contributions that honor the Earth’s natural environment,” said Jon R. Moss. “Diamonds by Donna is honored to be a company that provides a beautiful solution that helps preserve Mother Earth.”
Recently while launching their new company in Hollywood, Diamonds by Donna found that environmentally conscious stars are excited to have an authentic solution for eco-friendly and conflict-free diamonds.

Teri Hatcher wearing cultured diamond pendant with partners Diamond Donna Root & Jon R. Moss
“We give discerning jewelry consumers the option of wearing white, pink, blue and other colors exclusively produced by our new Diamonds by Donna technology,” said Diamond Donna Root. “Many celebrities, who love wearing diamonds, share their enthusiastic support of our efforts to provide beautiful conflict-free and eco-friendly options in diamond jewelry.”

Diamond Donna Root is pleased to find that jewelry consumers are increasingly asking questions about the environmental background of the diamonds, not just the bling factor.

“Diamonds by Donna technology has the ability to change the landscape of the natural diamond industry as conflict-free and eco-friendly diamond jewelry becomes a focus,” said Diamond Donna Root. “We are pleased to offer options to people who love wearing diamonds, and feel it is an honor to bring awareness to eco-friendly and conflict-free diamond jewelry options that help to preserve the environment.”

Diamonds by Donna offers the perfect marriage of science and nature by combining eco-friendly, conflict-free, cultured and natural diamonds in brilliant custom jewelry. Diamonds by Donna will showcase this jewelry at an Earth Week event in April. For more details please visit http://www.diamondsbydonna.com or for more personalized service, please call 877-778-0646. http://www.diamondsbydonnaattheoscars.com/


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