Talk About Trauma-Free Childbirth in a Hospital Setting on Healing Talk Radio Show


Diana Hoffman, host of Healing Talk

This week’s Talk Radio Topic is Trauma-Free Childbirth in a Hospital Setting

Salem, UT – April 2011 – Planetary Streams Talk Radio Network today announced Diana Hoffman, Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Specialist and host of “Healing Talk ” radio show will talk about “Trauma-Free Childbirth in a Hospital Setting.”

According to Diana, fear and tension have a profound effect on the anatomy and physiology of birth. The uterus has two muscle layers with different roles. The outer muscle layer includes long, vertical muscle structures that move the baby downward. The inner muscle layer has horizontal bands that encircle the lower portion of the uterus, keeping closed and holding the baby in place during pregnancy. When labor begins, an emotional state of calm, safety and relaxation allows the horizontal muscles to relax and open, allowing the baby to emerge easily. A state of fear, tension and anxiety causes the horizontal muscle to remain tense and tight. This is the mechanism that allows an animal in the wild that feels threatened to delay giving birth until it can get to safety.

Fear and tension delay labor, slow it down, or stop it entirely. Or if labor does start or is artificially induced, fear and tension make it very painful as the longitudinal muscles push against horizontal muscles that are resisting rather than opening. This is also much harder on the baby, and so raises the chance of fetal distress. That increases the likelihood of a c-section. This factor alone may be the biggest contributor to the US C-section rate of 31%.

America is steeped in a culture of fear about childbirth that greatly exceeds that of most other nations. Unfortunately, standard hospital procedures in the US tend to intensify that sense of fear. Consider the psychological impact of the birth procedures. Trauma research has shown that fear is negotiated in the brainstem, which does not process words, is not logical, and responds primarily to sensation and associations.

A mother in labor may be immediately put in a wheelchair. She is then extremely likely to be put in a hospital gown, shaved over her pubic area, given an enema, given an IV, vaginally examined repeatedly, and hooked up to a fetal heart monitor. Food will be withheld, and even water. If she is thirsty she will be given some ice chips.

If all of this invasive sensation, and associations with emergency conditions convince her brainstem that she is not in a safe place then it is likely that her labor will progress less and her pain will increase more. So far the answer of modern medicine has been pitocin to accelerate labor, and an epidural so she won’t feel the pain of pitocin-induced contractions.

As c-section rates rise, maternal survival rates and infant survival rates in the US have fallen behind 38 other countries. The system isn’t working. Across the nation women have begun various movements to change the climate of childbirth. Growing numbers of women believe its time for the medical community to acknowledge the connection between emotions and physiology, and to address what goes on in the mind and heart of birthing mother.

Healing Talk radio will explore various childbirth movements, ways to release and replace fear, resources for finding supportive providers, and approaches for asserting personal needs childbirth preferences within the medical system.

About “Healing Talk” Radio Show: The “Healing Talk” Radio Show explores the best of current research and resources for healing mind, body and relationships. Hosted by Diana Hoffman, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and owner of Salem Counseling Center in Salem, Utah. Listen LIVE every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Mountain Time on KSTAR 1400 AM. Listen to internet replay starting the Saturday after the live show, and repeating daily at 11 am and 2 am MT for a week on and Contact: or visit the radio blogsite,


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