Utah Valley’s Top 30 Fastest-Growing companies in BusinessQ magazine


Jon R. Moss being interviewed!

RBM Services is the largest solely-owned janitorial company in the state of Utah cleaning 15 million commercial square feet annually.

Provo, UT – March 2011 — Today, entrepreneur Jon R. Moss announced that his company RBM Building Services is named among Utah Valley’s Top 30 Fastest-Growing companies in BusinessQ magazine.  RBM Building Services is a building service contractor that cleans and maintains commercial buildings in Utah.
Jon R. Moss attributes aggressive networking and RBM’s commitment to the delivery of outstanding customer service for making the company the largest solely-owned janitorial company in the state of Utah. RBM Building Services cleans more than 15 million commercial square feet annually.

“We make the lives of our customer’s better every day by creating an immaculate and healthy environment,” said Jon R. Moss. “RBM Building Services does what others aren’t willing to do.  At RBM services is our motto is ‘Consider it done!”
When asked for the advice he would give to other entrepreneurs striving for business success, Jon R. Moss suggests listening to customers and employees.

“The best way to improve is to be willing to learn and to change. If you don’t listen to what your customers want, you are failing them,” said Jon R. Moss.  “Often your employees can teach you because they notice things you don’t. As entrepreneurs we should be willing to learn from feedback shared from everyone.”

RBM Building Services began in 1974 with five employees and is now the largest solely owned janitorial company in the state of Utah, with over 400+ employees servicing over 15 million square feet of commercial office space each year. RBM is honored to be named as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Utah Valley in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Current clients include many of the largest buildings in the state, including BOMA Utah TOBY Award winners.  www.rbmservicesinc.com

Jon R. Moss started his first business venture at age eight and has been a successful entrepreneur ever since.  Moss currently owns and operates the largest janitorial company in the state of Utah; formed in 1984 it tracks over 120% growth consistently each year.  In addition to RBM, he currently owns and operates Double Take Mobile Advertising, Moss Holdings, and Double Take Carpet Cleaning and others.  In 2010 Moss partnered with Donna Root of Diamonds by Donna, and in 2011 launch the first company in the world to create flawless cultured diamonds in large sizes.  Diamonds by Donna grows diamonds with diamond seeds using a technology to create what before only nature could produce, perfect diamonds with the same physical, optical, and chemical composition of an earth grown diamond.  See http://www.diamondsbydonna.com.  Moss and his wife, Janae, are the parents of seven children. They enjoy boating, snowmobiling in the mountains, and vacationing at their family cabin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  For more details please visit http://www.jonrmoss.com.

BusinessQ’s the Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on their percentage growth over a three-year period. The 2008 and 2010 gross revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ and are accurate as of March 1, 2011.  www.utahvalleybusinessq.com


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