Operation Just One Can Starts Grass Roots Effort To Resupply Soup Kitchens and Food Banks


See what my old friend Tony Marren is doing to make the world a better place!!!

45 Million People Soliciting Soup Kitchen Assistance In Current Economic Downturn

Provo, UT – December 1, 2010 – Today, Tony Marren and Lance Olsen announced the launch of Operation Just One Can, a humanitarian operation to address the number of Americans resorting to soliciting assistance from soup kitchens and food banks across America.  The number of Americans has increased to 45 million individuals in calendar year 2009, up from 38 million in 2008.

After studying the need to solicit food donations at a reasonable and workable level of contribution Utah Valley residents Tony Marren and Lance Olsen created an online humanitarian “think tank” called Operation Just One Can a physical operation with an online address at http://www.operationjustonecan.org.

No longer is the profile of people coming for help based on geographic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. The need is reaching a level where charity venues are running out of food at a seemingly
unheard of pace across the country.

According to Operation Just One Can founder, Tony Marren, the program is pragmatic, reasonable and workable. Individuals willing to step in and be part of creating solutions based on their “frame of reference and resources available” can find a variety of ways to assist in working to address the needs of soup kitchens or food banks getting donations.

“Imagine corporations setting up certain days each month where employees can give JUST ONE CAN of food for a local soup kitchen? The individual chooses the size, the food type, the manufacturer. Multiply this by several hundred companies across the nation and a ripple effect evolves,” said Tony Marren, Operation Just One Can co-founder.

“What if entities ran links from their home page to the Operation Just One Can homepage? What if Houses of Worship asked attendees to bring Just One Can of food to worship services once or twice a month? The issue of feeding the less fortunate will still be happening after Thanksgiving and Christmas season ends. I wonder if there are people who have connections to the media to give this exposure?” concluded.

To date, the responses to this effort are confirming Tony and Lance Olsen’s instinctive impression that the project will be viewed as needful. Pledges of support from groups in California, Arizona, and a group of Olympiad competitors are a barometer of positive reactions. Religious leaders from non sectarian and the Old Traditional Catholic movements are committed to passing word. By January 2011 a media entity that runs 34 dating sites across the world will be ramping up to run links to the http://www.operationjustonecan.org  site as its way of offering exposure.



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