Cell Science™ Stem Cell Power Serum & Eyelash Power TreatmentFeatured on Lifetime TV


Cell Science™ Stem Cell Power Serum & Eyelash Power TreatmentFeatured on Lifetime TV

Skin Age Management Expert, Christine Heathman Introduces Two GlyMed Plus® Professional Products to the Millions of Viewers on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act


Pompano Beach, FL & Spanish Fork, UT
– September 10, 2010 – Christine Heathman, CEO and Founder of GlyMed Plus, today announced that two GlyMed Plus professional products, Cell Science Stem Cell Power Serum and Age Management Skin Care System Eyelash Power Treatment were featured on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act.

The  GlyMed Plus Age Management Skin Care System Eyelash Power Treatment, introduced on Lifetime Television’s  The Balancing Act today,  is an innovative, high-performance power serum that amplifies the length, thickness and volume of eyelashes with a simple once-a-day application. Christine Heathman, LMT, ME, “Legend” in American Aesthetics and skin age management Industry Innovator,  developed the new Eyelash Power Treatment to help women grow beautiful eyelashes.

“As you age, the collagen that surrounds the root of the eyelash hair stiffens, making it more difficult to grow thick, long eyelashes,” said Christine Heathman, Founder of GlyMed Plus.  “To have the eyelashes you’ve always wanted, use Eyelash Power Treatment along your lids to prevent stiffening of eyelid collagen and to promote longer, stronger, thicker, fuller lashes.”

Christine Heathman shared during her interview on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act  that although nothing completely stops ageing, people can give their skin cells the advantage of preservation.

“DNA plays a critical role in our skin’s ability to rejuvenate and recent research substantiates that stem cells help DNA to reprogram aging skin fibroblasts, providing age-delaying and anti-wrinkle effects. “Our Cell Science Stem Cell Power Serum helps reset aging skin at the cellular level with powerful peptides, cellular lipids and a rare Swiss Apple cell culture known for its extended longevity.

Christine Heathman’s interview on “The Balancing Act” TV show aired today on Lifetime Television at 7:00 am (ET/PT) and will air again on September 20, 2010.  Please check local broadcast times.  During her interview, Christine Heathman offered viewers a limited time special on both the Cell Science Stem Cell Power Serum and Age Management Skin Care System Eyelash Power Treatment, please visit www.christineheathman.com and click the Lifetime TV tab for more details.

About Christine Heathman:
Christine Heathman is the skin age management expert who has helped shaped American Skin Care to what it is known as today.  Christine hosts “What Gets Under Your Skin?”  Syndicated talk radio show and appears as a guest expert on The Doctors, at the 2010 Emmy Awards Luxury Celebrity Lounge and on The Balancing Act on the Lifetime TV Channel. Christine Heathman is the innovator behind GlyMed Plus Advanced Aesthetics and its skin care products, which are used in spas & medical clinics all over the world.  Christine Heathman divides her time between her ranch in Spanish Fork, Utah, and her family home near Seattle, WA and, her winter home in Rancho Mirage, CA.  GlyMed Plus professional skin care products were highlighted in the 2010 Emmy Awards Celebrity Lounge, to find a GlyMed Plus approved professional spa near you, please visit http://www.glymedplus.com.  To find out more about Christine Heathman and her skin science message please visit http://www.christineheathman.com. For media contact, Kim Power Stilson at kstilson@glymedplus.com.

About GlyMed Plus:
GlyMed Plus Advanced Aesthetics, headquartered in Spanish Fork, Utah offers multi-faceted professional-only skin care systems with a complete range of natural and medically-effective progressive formulas in over 98 products. The GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science™ is unsurpassed in offering the most advanced esthetic courses for Skin of Color, Acne, Peeling, Advanced Peeling, Pigmentation, Menopausal Skin, Rosacea, Corrective Makeup, and Ultrasound Skin Care.  For more information about GlyMed Plus, please visit www.glymedplus.com or contact 1-800-676-9667.


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