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Merry Christmas For Every Body
For Every Body Employees Gather Christmas Eve Dinner for Local Widows and Single Mothers and all those who have no local family for the Holiday.

Lindon, UT – December 22, 2009 — Today, Becky Anderson, working mother and founder of the nation’s largest minority-owned candle manufacturing company is pleased to share a story of good will and Christmas cheer.

According to Becky Anderson, this week an employee of hers was saying that she and her three kids had no plans for Christmas Eve and that the employee’s nine-year-old-son said he wondered if there were other people who also had nowhere to go for the holiday. The mother (who wishes to remain anonymous) asked around and found that there were 29 widows and several single mothers’ in the local area who also had no local friends or family or plans to spend Christmas Eve in any particular way. It was at that point that the mom and her children decided to invite all those without plans into their home for Christmas Eve dinner.

As word spread of the holiday efforts, more and more people joined in to suggest people who may need a place to go for Christmas Eve dinner and the numbers are still growing. Already neighbors and friends are donating food for the Christmas Eve dinner and loaning chairs and tables for the Christmas Eve event which seems to be growing.

According to Becky Anderson, when her other employees heard about the idea of sharing Christmas Eve Dinner with widows and single moms they decided gifts were needed too. Several For Every Body employees offered to donate their own Christmas Bonus Gift Cards to the cause and For Every Body donated the rest.

“People love to give and during the holidays we often join in on organized efforts to help the poor and needy, but often we forget about the others who are doing okay yet just need a little company at Christmas time,” said Becky Anderson. “I love that one person’s solution to their lack of holiday plans was creating a party for others in the same situation. No one should be alone on the holidays, look around you find those who don’t have family or friends around, and invite them into your home for the holidays. I doubt there is a better way to celebrate than by opening up our doors and our hearts during Christmas.”

According to For Every Body employee who has been helping organize efforts and wrap the donated gifts from For Every Body for the Christmas Eve party, Evelyn Call, says that as word is spreading more and more people are joining in to help.

“If you know of someone who would like to join the Christmas Eve dinner or if you would like to donate to the dinner, please contact us. We hope to spread a little Christmas company to those who might be alone on Christmas Eve.”

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