Yay Carmen and All Women Who Do What They Can to Survive!


Carmen Gonzales Earns Supervisor Position with For Every Home

Mother of 3 Takes on the World and Wins a Laptop!

Carmen Gonzales, For Every Home Consultant Wins Laptop!

Puerto Rico & Utah County, UTAH – Becky Anderson, founder of For Every Home, today, announced that Carmen Gonzales advanced in personal sales to win a new laptop computer in the For Every Home contest.

Carmen Gonzales, mother of 3 children, started her home party business as recovery therapy for an illness that had made her quit her job. According to Carmen, when she received a phone call from Sonia Montalvo sharing the For Every Home opportunity, she knew it was an answer to her prayers of finding a way to earn a living while working from home and a way for her to love life again. Now, a few months later she has already advanced to Personal Sales Leader and won a new laptop computer.

“What I like about FEH is the flexibility of my time, to share with others the opportunity and to know their needs, and to let them know the quality of our product,” said Carmen.

According to Becky Anderson, founder, she and her team started For Every Home to help other working families achieve their dreams.

“We applaud Carmen Gonzales for her achievement,” said Becky Anderson. “Carmen, and other women like her, with responsibilities and dreams who work hard and don’t ever give up are the reason the world’s economy will improve. For Every Home is proud to be a part of each of their journeys.”

Carmen says For Every Home was the spark she needed and within a few months she feels great and is one of the top in the For Every Home Company in recruiting and sales. Carmen is grateful to many people for helping her.

“I thank God and my family, especially to my mother, for all the support she had given me, also to my son James who tells everyone about our candles,” said Carmen Gonzales. “I cannot forget to mention the great Team Work and how close we all are to each other. Dennisse Durand, Thank you for all your support. Thank you to everyone and God Bless You.”

In 2007, Becky Anderson founded For Every Home to help make a difference in women’s lives. As the successful founder of a multi-million dollar company, she is using over fifteen years of experience to give women the tools they need to make their business successful. All of the products at For Every Home are created by Becky and her team. She watches trends closely to make sure everything offered is something women will love to have in their homes. At For Every Home, business and fun begin at home. Join the family! To find out more about For Every Home or how you can become a For Every Home party consultant, please visit http://www.foreveryhome.net . For more information please visit, http://www.foreveryhome.net or please contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-615-0035.

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