Good news for Grandma!!!


Grandmother Becomes First in U.S. to Reach Unit Director with the For Every Home Company
After 35 years working for someone else, Barbara Williams Reaches Success with her own For Every Home Business
Blytheville, AR– December 10, 2009 – Becky Anderson, today announced that Barbara Williams, wife of Danny, mother to two, grandmother to 5, is the first of their For Every Home Consultants in the U.S. to reach Unit Director Status.

According to Barbara, after 35 years working in the school system and corporate world, she started her home party business because she fell in love with the product. Barbara states that she likes the fact that For Every Home considers their consultants’ opinions.

“The founders of For Every Home, Becky and Paul Anderson, ask for our opinions and consider our input,” said Barbara. “I like being treated like that and I knew other women would too. My business is based on women, their ideas, their influence, their efforts and that is why I, and others like me, are so successful!”

It all started because Barbara felt she had a contribution to make and wasn’t being fulfilled in her then position. She had purchased a “sugar cookie” candle from sister company, For Every Body, and loved it so much she wondered if there was a way to make a business selling them. When she called For Every Body, she found they were starting a home party business and she waited anxiously to be a part of For Every Home’s launch. Barbara became a consultant and built her new business after work hours. Two years later, she has a home business she is proud of, has won several trips to Cancun, Mexico and Salt Lake City as well as various other gifts and has met many wonderful people.

“I love being a consultant with For Every Home because it supports other women with great ideas and shares wonderful products at a great price,” says Williams. “I never thought I would be a savvy business owner yet I am very thankful to be a part of this growing company. I absolutely believe that we have the best product, know that Becky & Paul Anderson and the For Every Home staff are the best you could find anywhere. What’s not to love?”

In 2007, Becky Anderson founded For Every Home to help make a difference in women’s lives. As the successful founder of a multi-million dollar company, she is using over fifteen years of experience to give women the tools they need to make their business successful. All of the products at For Every Home are created by Becky and her team. She watches trends closely to make sure everything offered is something women will love to have in their homes. At For Every Home, business and fun begin at home. Join the family!

For more information please visit, or please contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-615-0035. Media Contact: Kim Power Stilson


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