Bluebird Sister meets Mom Entreprenuers on Talk Radio




Traci Bisson and DeLores Pressley Interviewed by Kim Power Stilson on Women Buy Everything Talk Radio Show


October 24, 2008 – Barrington, NH, The Internet & Woodland Hills, UTKim Power Stilson, author, WAHM, radio host of Internet-based Women Buy Everything talk radio show announced today that she will be interviewing Traci Bisson, founder of The Mom Entrepreneur and DeLores Pressley, “The Power Lady” of The Born Successful Institute on her show today, Friday October 24th Live for listeners on 


The first guest on Women Buy Everything, DeLores Pressley, will discuss success, motivation and how to achieve confidence in the workplace.  Traci Bisson will be interview next about how she has achieved success while being a focused mom and an entrepreneur at the same time.


 “Today the Women Buy Everything show will connect you with Traci Bisson whose vision has helped working moms everywhere share resources and DeLores Pressley who has helped thousands of people learn to achieve personal power,” said Stilson.  “You can call and ask them anything you like at 1-866- 5335-0841 or just listen, take notes and enjoy!”


Women Buy Everything first aired in 2002 on KSTAR 1400 AM and have grown to include syndication to Internet radio.  Listenership is based on live and repeat archived, syndicated and re-streamed. Log on and listen at and Check their Website schedules or listen LIVE every Friday 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time and 6 p.m. in Ireland.  To be a guest please contact Jack@powerstrategies.TV.  To see show information visit www.powerstrategies.TV.  





About Traci Bisson and The Mom Entrepreneur: 

Traci Bisson has been a mom since February 2000 and an entrepreneur since August 2000. Raising her two children and growing her company, Bisson Barcelona, has been both challenging and rewarding.

Traci started The Mom Entrepreneur in April 2008 as more of a hobby. She began blogging about her challenges and successes. That same month, I sent a query out through two news channels looking for tips on balancing family and business and in less than 48 hours received 400 emails with more than 1,000 tips from mom entrepreneurs all over the world. From that point, The Mom Entrepreneur started to grow. We added The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group in June and the Entrepreneur Consortium in July.

My story has been told in dozens of publications, including the Associated Press, National Federation of Independent Business (, Women’s Business Boston Journal, Plan Ahead Get Ahead (cover story), Union Leader, The Portsmouth Herald, Our Times and Seacoast Ventures. For more information please visit,


About Personal Power Expert, DeLores Pressley:

DeLores is here to help you utilize power to make decisions, increase confidence and stay motivated.  “Helping you live a Power-full Life” The Born Successful Institute is your best resource for inspiring and energized keynote speeches, presentations and workshops. Internationally known keynote speaker, author, and attitude and confidence expert, DeLores Pressley, brings her confidence-boosting, success-building message to corporations and organizations from every corner of the world. DeLores is the go-to motivational speaker when you want to inspire and energize your employees or organization to make decisions, overcome obstacles, take action and stay motivated. For more information please contact,



About Women Buy Everything Talk Radio Show:  Host Kim Power Stilson interviews women consumers and women-owned businesses from all over the globe to discuss products, services and women’s consumer power.    Each interview segment is 15-18 minutes.  Each guest is invited to tape a commercial and a Fresh Success interview prior to or just after each show.  Interview is broadcast to syndicate stations, re-streamed on the Internet and archived.  Listenership is based on live and repeat (archived, syndicated and re-streamed) shows and ranges between 28,000 live to 1 million archived.  Listen online globally to  Check Website schedules or listen LIVE every Friday 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time and 6 p.m. Live in Ireland.  For more information contact or visit


About Kim Power Stilson: 

Kim Power Stilson has helped over 50,000 small and women-owned businesses promote their products and services online.   Recognized as a pioneer of Internet Talk Radio and online social communications and marketing for women, Kim Power Stilson speaks as an expert to universities and associations about her award-winning Make, Bake, Shake, Rake & Fresh© a duplicatable marketing formula that now has delivered 60% savings over costs, with an 140% increase in name awareness and delivering ordered sales of over $150 million to global clients.   For more information please visit, www.powerstrategies.TV or contact Jack Brian at jack@powerstrategies.TV.




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