I got into one of my size 8 suits and found $47 and lipstick in pocket!


What a great day!  God must love me.  I finally fit into one of my favorite suits — a size 8 and while wearing it was told I looked great and then to make the day sweeter I found two crumpled twenty dollars bills and a five and a one!  love the lipstick too!  i am rich! rich! rich!  Those are great days aren’t they?  And to add to it I will be doing a webinar today!  here is the release!



Women Unite to Unlock Secret of Online Social Media Communications

WAHM’s Kim Power Stilson and Debbie Cluff Share the not so Mysterious World of Internet Web and Social Media Communications via Free Webinar tonight.  Please invite your mom and grandma, they will love it!



September 16, 2008— Pasadena, CA & Salt Lake City, UT   – Kim Power Stilson and Debbie Cluff announce the release of a new guide that helps everyone from daughter to grandmothers who run small businesses avail themselves of the Internet, Web and Social Media tools online.  The guide is green and available only online at http://www.powerstrategies.tv:

Get online and Blog, Ping, Pod, Stream, Bookmark, Blast, Release,

Wiki, Widget, Web, Link, Avatar, Tag & Twitter!

What is it and how do I do it?

An Education Guide to the Internet, the World Wide Web

and Online Social Media Communications!


The Webinar called “Know what the world Wants to Know!  You’re invited to a social media party!” in partnership with Prosper Learning and Power Strategies, Inc. is at 5 p.m. Pacific and 6 p.m. Mountain and 8 p.m. Eastern tonight, Tuesday September 16th.  Just log on to http://www.livehuddle.com/event/index.php?event id = 5722caafb4825ef5d8670710fa29087c


According to Kim Power Stilson, when her friend a savvy 65-year-old-businesswoman and grandma said that she felt like her daughters lived in another world, an online world, Kim decided it was time to make the Internet and Web less mysterious.  Calling on her 10+ years online experience marketing while raising kids, dogs, she partnered with educator Debbie Cluff, a self-proclaimed zany little lady from Pasadena to write a non-techie guide that explains it all and makes it fun.  More party like than serious.   and etc. She believes the Internet and World Wide Web are a tremendous convenience for working moms, single parents and small businesses.


“The Internet and Web are a tremendous convenience once you get it, but some people are shy about really getting online,” said Kim.  “It’s like a party, it’s easier once you get to know people, the lingo, the opportunities.  The webinar and guide will give our savvy moms and grandmas and business people like them a great chance to learn the social skills needed online.”


According to Debbie Cluff, mother of three and master educator, founder of Links for Learning, having an online tutoring business inspired her to help women and parents find a comfortable way to use online tools to their advantage.  She sees that working, playing and learning online brings convenience and success and most moms, parents and people need that benefit.


“Not just the techies and pro-bloggers, everyone needs to learn how to be soiccal online,” said Cluff.  “And we loved the idea of women using this knowledge to get better jobs, work from home, and succeed online.  It will be a great social party once everyone knows how to get there!”


The Guide, Get online and Blog, Ping, Pod, Stream, Bookmark, Blast, Release, Wiki, Widget, Web, Link, Avatar, Tag & Twitter! What is it and how do I do it? An Education Guide to the Internet, the World Wide Web and Online Social Media Communications! is offered in an online PDF  version, as well as, a robust video, audio, Internet, Web, Social Media & Marketing certified education course.   (Prices range from $240 – $2400 with certification. Prices include 90% Discounts for women, single parents and small businesses. For Free Media trial contact:  Jack Brian or Anne Roberts Jack@powerstrategies.TV  or anne@powerstrategies.TV or 801-473-9174. 



About Kim Power Stilson:

Founder of Power Strategies, Inc.,  Kim Power Stilson, is the author of Women Buy Everything (Fall 2008) 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing Strategy Guide and Workbook.
Kim is the weekly Internet talk radio host of “Power Strategies! Market Your Business to a Better Bottom Line” and “Women Buy Everything” radio shows on Planetary Streams (Log on and listen at www.planetarystreams.com )  and the founder of the Bluebird Sisterhood.  She really does have 4 dogs, 3 kids, 2 birds and 1 cat and a very patient husband. She loves to watercolor, play tennis, snow ski and be near the sea. She divides her time between California, Utah & Ireland.  She blogs at http://www.powerstrategies.TV.


About Debbie Cluff: 

Debbie Cluff is the CEO of Links for Learning, Online Coaching and Instant Homework Help. She was born and raised in South Pasadena, California, USA. Debbie has taught in both the home and the classroom and has her Masters in Reading and Writing at the Elementary School Level. She is a reading specialist and an author. She has written over a dozen articles for online publications and has been a contributing author to such online companies as, earticle.com and ezine.com. Her first book 7 Easy Ways to Help Your Student Succeed: How Ordinary Parents can Make Extraordinary Students, can be purchased or downloaded free directly from her website, http://www.links-for-learning.com.

Debbie hosts two weekly talk radio shows on Planetary Streams called “The Debbie Cluff Show” and “Women Buy Everything” you can listen by logging on to www.planetarystreams.com.

Debbie resides in South Pasadena, California with her husband and three children. She would LOVE to hear from you and your personal educational stories, please contact her directly at debbie@links-for-learning.com.


About bluebirdsisterhood

About Kim Power Stilson: TalkWorthy Talk Radio Show host on SiriusXM 143 weekdays at 3 pm Eastern, author of "Choose Surthrival! Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving with at 21st Century business?", digital media strategist for Power Strategies and writer for Puerto Vallarta Today magazine. Kim Power Stilson has helped position hundreds of people and their causes through e-media, PR, radio and TV. Hollywood celebrities, authors, United States Senators,corporations, non-profit organizations and home-based businesses alike have enjoyed success through the application of her strategies. A dual citizen, Kim divides her time between the United States, England & Ireland. Visit her at www.kimpowerstilson.com.

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