Bluebird Hit by BB!


All last week my family and I prepared for a local church campout!  We were so excited although I did not even see how I would possibly have the time to go.  I worked hard, got up early on Friday, the day we were to leave and made a cake (yes a Devil’s Food cake, like my grandma used to make) and started a crock pot full of Chili.  I packed dishes, first aid supplies, sheets and blankets (it was supposed to get below freezing) jackets and everything I could think of to pack in the trailer we hadn’t used since last September.  Yes it was a long winter.  Just as we were getting ready to leave, I was in the bathroom showering quickly — my last touch with civilization — and my husband came in with a look.  You know the LOOK.  The look you never ever want to see when you have 4 dogs, 3 kids, 2 birds and a cat.  He said, “Don’t get upset but . . . ” and immediately I said, “One of our dogs was run over!” He said, “No, you son just shot your daughter in the neck with a BB gun!”  “What!!!?!?!?!??” This was way worse than a dog getting hurt and I went to that scary place before he said, “She is okay, but camping is off, we need to go the emergency room.” I pick up whatever clothes I could grab, threw them on and ran to my daughter who looked like she was in shock, big hole in her neck (okay tiny hole) and blood draining down.  She looked immobile and like she was going into shock.  I then did what all parents should not do, and screamed at my son.  “What were you doing with a BB gun!” and then I thought of who had unlocked it from the safe and left it out to go camping and turned to yell at my husband “How could you let this happen!”  Of course, with all the yelling, my daughter was calm til my older daughter jumped out of her last shower in civilization (we are not really campers) and came running in to see what had happened.  She looked at the BB hole in her younger sisters neck and said, ‘I guess we are not going camping!” and she said it with pure joy!  And then seeing my glare, proceeded to comfort her sister.  We wrapped her in a sweater, got into the car and headed to the hospital, where they took an xray and found the BB just minute space from her vocal chords and major vessels.  Nice.  Of course they could not get it out and of course we did not go camping and of course we are going to a specialist today to see if the BB will remain in her neck or be “dug out” as my daughter is frightened may happen!  Anyway, trauma aside, our daughter seems fine, loved being showered with gifts and well wishes from family and great bluebirds sisters Kristen, Kerrie and Debbie!  As for me, I unpacked the camping gear, the dog jumped up on the counter and ate the chocolate cake and we decided to go and see the movie IRON MAN.  All in all not a bad weekend!


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  1. I’m glad to here that she was ok and that it wasn’t major (although I think getting shot by anyhthing is major) I send my love to your dughter and hope that she doesn’t “freak out” too much

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