Bluebird Battles Blunders


I had an interesting exchange with Wendy Piersall today.  I made a comment on her article, “10 Social Media Blunders” (see link below) and I guess it wasn’t so much that the exchange was interesting as the thoughts I had surrounded it were.  You see, I don’t think I am alone in my feeling of isolation upon really entering the bloggers world.  Blogging gives the Web a voice, I like that but like all things you read you can read into them further and farther than you would ever want.  I read through comments, discussions and posts and think, “Who are these people and how are they so brilliant?”  also I think, why are they so rude about rules I know nothing about? ”  I have not been banned or shunned but you can tell reading their written voices that if you don’t have the right words and phrases, much less know what they mean,  you are on the outside of the bloggers social circle.  Feels like high school but then again I have yet to meet the Emily Post of the WWW.  However, as close as you can come from what I have seen is Wendy Piersall.  I like her, I like how she writes, you feel like she cares.  She is like the prom queen in highschool, the good kind, who smiles and leads her fellow classmates to social safety.  I know Wendy may not like being compared to a high school prom queen, she is gorgeous from her photos and all, but come on she is a multi-tasking social media entreprenuer, who cares if she has a crown?  Anyway, undaunted I continue to figure out this whole social media thing, if only to champion those flitting around on the outside like the little Robin Red Breast that taps on my window every morning.  I’m not kidding about this . . . she (or he, how do you tell?) sits on the ledge outside my window and hassince the spring thaw started (no end in site after yesterday’s snow storm) and taps.  Even my dogs, which I have one less of since Lucky, but you’ve already read that) have quit barking so used to her daily ritual they’ve become.  Perhaps, she has a message for me, being on the outside and all, perhaps a living analogy.  Perhaps I’ve been online too long!


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About Kim Power Stilson: TalkWorthy Talk Radio Show host on SiriusXM 143 weekdays at 3 pm Eastern, author of "Choose Surthrival! Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving with at 21st Century business?", digital media strategist for Power Strategies and writer for Puerto Vallarta Today magazine. Kim Power Stilson has helped position hundreds of people and their causes through e-media, PR, radio and TV. Hollywood celebrities, authors, United States Senators,corporations, non-profit organizations and home-based businesses alike have enjoyed success through the application of her strategies. A dual citizen, Kim divides her time between the United States, England & Ireland. Visit her at

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