Do bluebirds need cell phone vacation?


All week I tried to figure out why I don’t like to carry my cell phone around and why lately I have not liked to answer it.  Texting and email are fine but why is it that becasue when I hear it ring I cringe that I just leave it as far as possible from my desk.  This week was a particularly tough week and when I needed to make a call I would have to retrace my steps finding my cell phone not in the usual professioinal places like my desk, the car, the laptop but in the following places.  On top of the washing machine (did I even do laundry this week?) in my son’s Sunday shoes (no idea on that one) next to the over near the knives (did I even cook this week?) on the pantry shelves near the diced tomatoes and fruit roll ups (again ?) and finally in my top bathroom drawer next to my toothbrush (yes well I did brush my teeth that I can recall)  So what is it with my cell phone and do I really need it anyway. Anyone who wants me can email me.  My husband argues this point, clients need to reach me, kids need to reach me, why don’t I just get a little belt clip and wear it around with me.  Belt clip?  Like  I need anything extra around my waist.  I just can’t seem to hold onto my cell phone this week.  Maybe we I had better stay in the house until I figure that out  . . . . maybe I need a cell phone vacation!  Yes, that is what I need.  Can you imagine?  A vacation without a cell phone, no really, how would the office call you to tell you what you were missing, what about the dog and cat sitter?  what if your dogs stopped eating suddenly where would they call you?  Not practical but I think a national cell phone holiday, 24 hours without cell phones would do us all some great good.  What do you think?


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