Bluebird Sisters appreciate Planetary Streams!


Planetary Streams logoAs promised the people that have been so good to help us get the news out with their TV & Radio Online marketing tools!  WE appreciate them and celebrate their good news! 

Planetary Streams Radio & TV Company Launches Planetary Vision Giving More People a Chance to Be Seen and Heard On the InternetNew Internet Communications Company Offer Internet Marketing   

February 26, 2008 –Woodland Hills, UT –Planetary Streams International, an internet Radio & Talk TV Communications Company, which officially launched this week, today announces Planetary Vision their online offering to meet the growing demands of small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with audio and visual delivery on the internet.  


Planetary Vision offers communications and internet marketing for clients who want to be seen and heard on the Internet.   Planetary Vision is funded by its members who have a say about what is communicated on the Internet and is offered on Planetary Streams at and includes services for monthly fee.  The services below are offered free or at a great discount to those with Planetary Vision. 

Planetary Vision includes:

 Free Commercial for your website

Once you have PV our engineers by email to set a recording time.  Having a commercial will add spice to your site.  Listen to hear your commercial LIVE on the or on It’s Your Life Talk Back Radio Network!

 6 Weeks as a Talk Radio Star and a Chance to Win Your Own Talk Radio Show

Planetary Vision brings you “It’s Your Life Talk Back Radio Network”, where you get FREE six weeks to share your message about whatever floats your boat and listeners VOTE on whether you should win your own talk radio show on the Grapevine Talk Radio Network.

Access to services to create Your Own Talk TV Show

Enhance your site with Talk TV.  Website visuals can increase your site click throughs by up to 80%.  Share your message and star in your own TV show.  With Planetary Vision we show you how!

 Create a website TV Commercial

Give your site life! Tell your story in a one minute commercial and be seen on the Internet! With Planetary Vision we can show you how!

 24/7 Access to the GrapevineLog on and listen, call in and chat, FREE on the Grapevine! Award-winning hosts and maybe someday YOU, share the latest through the Grapevine Talk Radio Network. Missed the live show? Planetary Vision gives you the power of convenience with archives and podcasts so you can listen anytime.  Listen FREE on

Please visit, or call Chad Stilson at or or contact Natalie at 801-473-9211.### ABOUT PLANETARY STREAMS:

Planetary Streams International provides internet Radio & TV communications solutions for companies and individuals around the globe.   Created in 2007 and officially launched February 22nd 2008 to meet the growing demands of audio and visual delivery on the internet, PSI operates globally from the “Broadcast BARN” in Woodland Hills using proprietary technology connects to deliver marketing messages from individuals and companies.


PSI is pleased to announce “Planetary Vision” a new offering which moves message selection and choice solely from dictates of major networks and gives the communication power back to the people.  Planetary is a network offering programmed, produced and funded by its members.  Through PSI Planetary Vision offers people and their companies a real opportunity to communicate on the internet.  Planetary Vision provides FREE access to several talk radio network services, including a FREE talk radio show for six weeks on It’s Your Life Talk Back Radio Network (launching March 1st)and the opportunity to win your own show on the well-known Grapevine Talk Radio Network.  Planetary Vision offers PV TALK TV Shows which entertain and inform and educate based on merit not on advertisers, PV Snack TV, two-minutes how to’s with submission welcomed by all members.  Planetary Vision offers membership to the Bluebird Sisterhood, discounts to services provided by Growth Climates’ Relationship Radio, My PodCard, AT HAND hosting and delivery service by Makau Corporation, archives and podcasts and more to come. For more information on services, please visit, or contact

The Grapevine Talk Radio Network is a knowledge-sharing talk radio network founded to connect people to the grapevine 21st Century Style through the internet.  Now reaching millions of listeners’ world wide, the first broadcast of the 24/7 talk network was in March 2005.  All interested in sharing their stories and information on the grapevine are invited to listen, plog©, email and talk back on the grapevine. Listen blog or plog at Please call in to talk to us, win prizes or talk back by calling 1866-535-0841.


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