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About Kim Power Stilson: TalkWorthy Talk Radio Show host on SiriusXM 143 weekdays at 3 pm Eastern, author of "Choose Surthrival! Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving with at 21st Century business?", digital media strategist for Power Strategies and writer for Puerto Vallarta Today magazine. Kim Power Stilson has helped position hundreds of people and their causes through e-media, PR, radio and TV. Hollywood celebrities, authors, United States Senators,corporations, non-profit organizations and home-based businesses alike have enjoyed success through the application of her strategies. A dual citizen, Kim divides her time between the United States, England & Ireland. Visit her at www.kimpowerstilson.com.

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  1. I agree! I did have a thought as I read your frustrations and plight regarding the emotions you have felt from some of the women of the PTA. There are amazing women everywhere, especially in the PTA. They are as organized as the corporate career women but show their amazing skills in a different venue. Wouldn’t it be great to have their backs too?! If we could all come together recognizing we are all trying to do our best. Together we could commend and defend each other.

    I think one of the challenges is an inability to understand the differences in our worlds. We all experience frustrations the first time we try our hand at a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich followed up with diapers and laundry no different than our first month or two in corporate America or anywhere else in the world. It’s new and it is a challenge to keep it all organized. Perhaps it is because we feel threatened by the unknown of another persons world and their successes that we get caddy. Maybe we think that somehow they are better because they know something we do not and so we attack them to make ourselves feel better about where we are. We don’t know what we don’t know. Women excel in so many areas and that is wonderful. So why not all commit to having each others backs? I believe that is your point. We need to, hence your amazing idea and organization of the Bluebird Sisterhood. I LOVE IT!

    I think the most beautiful thing about being a woman is that we are ALL so talented and what a blessing that we are talented in so many different areas. I think that is what the Bluebird Sisterhood is about. It is having another person’s back despite their differences and standing up in defense of them even though we don’t know why they may be acting like a snotty individual.

    Thanks for all you are doing to bring all of us out of the quite corners of our lives with a purpose and a cause to unite and defend each other rather than tearing each other down.

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